10 Disadvantages Of Refrigerators

Refrigerators are used in every household. The summer heat makes us crave chilled sodas and scrumptious ice cream right out of the cool crate. But, with boon also comes bane. Here is a list of ten disadvantages of keeping a refrigerator,

Let’s dive deep and understand them.


10 Disadvantages Of Refrigerators

I. Global Warming

Refrigerators produce Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) that are dangerous to the environment and the leading cause of global warming. Chlorofluorocarbons emit into the air and negatively affect the ozone layer. If the emission is too much, it can cause cancer, pulmonary oedema, dizziness, headache, asphyxia, cardiac sensitization and other fatal diseases in the human body.

II. High Electricity Consumption

Refrigerators consume a lot of electricity to function, and they work 24/7 in houses and restaurants to prevent food from rotting and producing a high electricity bill. Using a well-rated fridge that does not consume maximum electricity and does not generate a massive electricity bill is essential.

III. Food Freshness

Freshness in food is lost if it is kept in the fridge for a longer duration. This may lead to losing essential proteins and vitamins, and you may not get the important nutrients you need. They lose vitamins B and C.

IV. Bad Odour

If certain food items are not covered, the smell may seep into other foods and may affect their taste and smell. The fridge stores that smell and stays there unless someone removes or covers the food item causing it.

V. Hygiene

Refrigerators quickly get dirty, and it is crucial to clean them; otherwise, it can have an impact on your health. In this situation, you must immediately throw rotten food away or the fungi might jump into other foods and rot them.

VI. Disposing

When it comes to disposing of your refrigerator, one needs to be careful. If you do not dispose of it responsibly, it can harm the environment and us. Chemicals like hydrofluorocarbons (HFC) can damage the environment and lead to the depletion of the ozone layer. Other than that, if you randomly dump it in the dumpster, the parts will not degrade easily, and it will take ages to do so. This issue will only pollute the Earth more.

VII. Costly

Investing in a good refrigerator is crucial because you must keep the environment and your electricity bill in mind. But the good ones come on the higher end, and they are costly, and once the warranty period is over, you must invest in repairs and services to keep them running.

VIII. Power Outage

Since refrigerators solely work on electricity, they will stop working if there is a power outage. This problem can lead to your food staling. If it goes out longer, then all the food in the refrigerator might get stale. There are currently no refrigerators that work without electricity. They continuously need a power supply.

IX. Difficult Life

The current generation relies entirely on refrigerators; if they stop working, the world will go bonkers. There will be no cold water, no ice cream, no preservation of your last cooked meal, and so much more. We depend on it and cannot imagine our life without it, which will only be problematic. It has become a part of us.

X. Essence of Food

Some foods lose their essence. For example, some veggies might become soft and lose their crunchiness. Also, prepared meals might lose their charm after keeping them in the fridge.

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