Interesting 10-minute Presentation Topics

A PowerPoint presentation is a tool used by professionals and students to convey their ideas. Whether you are presenting via ppt for the first time or not, it might seem daunting. Picking the right topic might be even more challenging. You must choose the topic that is most appropriate for you and can best convey your idea. 

How to select a perfect 10 minutes presentation topic?

Many individuals struggle with topic selection since they have no clue what will impress their audience. Your ideal theme should be strong. You should know how to summaries the most attention-grabbing problems because many projects require presentations. Your topic should be persuasive and appealing. 

Steal the show with these presentation topics –

#1 Myth Or Reality

Did you know that a bull does not get enraged when you show him a red flag? Well dont worry, most people didnt know this. Making a 10 minute presentation about myths will be extremely interesting and even funny if you can put a little creativity in it.

#2 How to avoid the next pandemic

There isn’t a topic more hot than pandemics right now, while everybody is talking about the current pandemic. It would be interesting to present a topic on how to prevent the next pandemic.

#3 Mindful Eating

Most people in your audience and around you, probably have a habit to just gulp down food while watching a movie or running to work. This topic will not only be meaningful to your audience, but you can easily cover it in 10 minutes.

#4 Biggest Advertising failures of 2021

If you are going to do a presentation for your company, or if you are in marketing and commerce this might be the perfect one for you. There are so many interesting marketing campaigns and advertisements that are launched by big brands but fail badly. There is a lot to learn from such people.

#5 1982 vs 2022

The world has changed immensely in the last 40 years, and it would be extremely interesting to compare the different aspects of life we have now, to what people had 40 years ago. You can cover topics from communication to social life in different slides.

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Some more 10 minute PPT topics

Here are 40 random and non-technical 10 minutes PowerPoint presentation topics:

  1. The Future of Technology is Mobile.
  2. Telecom System Advancement
  3. Social media’s influence is undeniable.
  4. Stress management and Coping Skills.
  5. Unemployment.
  6. The Impact of Fashion Shows on Women’s Self-Esteem
  7. Religion vs Cult: What’s the Difference?
  8. The Effects of Betting on Individual Psychological Health
  9. Leaders and political groups with the most authority.
  10. Methods for Improving Health-Care Systems
  11. Natural Calamities: Preparation and Protection.
  12. The consequences of globalisation for the world’s population.
  13. Smiling therapy’s beneficial health effects.
  14. Global poverty alleviation strategies.
  15. How to ensure children’s online safety?
  16. The most powerful women in the world.
  17. Social media’s impact on youngsters.
  18. The trend of binge-watching series and movies.
  19. The benefits and drawbacks of online schooling.
  20. The harmful effect of fast food on individuals.
  21. The idea of residing on Mars.
  22. What are the most significant obstacles to a healthy working environment?
  23. Women’s rights against domestic abuse
  24. morning vs late at night: which is a fruitful work path 
  25. What does depression look like in reality?
  26. How can you avoid wasting time?
  27. What brings you joy in life?
  28. How can you get off of social media?
  29. Is telemarketing a thing of the past?
  30. Ethical hacking.
  31. A world without paper!
  32. The Impact of Film on Social Awareness
  33. Which is better: an e-book or a paper book?
  34. Conservation of wildlife.
  35. Depletion of the ozone layer.
  36. 10 places that everyone should explore at least once in their lives.
  37. Is going vegan a good idea?
  38. Terrorism: a global problem.
  39. Is a Borderless world beneficial to the International Economy?
  40. The most effective social media advertising strategies.

Following are the factors to consider while choosing ideal ppt topics for presentation:

1. Audience:

When picking presentation topics, keep in mind your audience’s background, interests, opinions, etc.

2. Choose an engaging topic for your project:

Demonstrate your superior understanding of the topic. Always select a topic about which you can explain a lot and discuss in depth.

3. Goal:

Set an objective! Since it will help you determine what you want your audience to take away from your PowerPoint presentation.

4. A topic that interests you:

Pick the presentation theme you are excited about. Make sure you are familiar with the topic you select. Interesting presentation themes boost the impact of your ppt and ensure an interactive conversation with the audience.

5. Availability of facts:

Before you finalize the topic, ensure the availability of credible and reliable facts and figures since it will make the presentation seem well researched and informative. 

We hope that the 10-minute presentation topics listed above will be of tremendous assistance to you. All the best for your next presentation.

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