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Interesting 10-Minute Presentation Topics

10-minute presentation topics


Interesting 10-Minute Presentation Topics

Are you looking for some interesting topics to give a presentation on? Then you have reached the right place. This article shall help you with some good topics to woo your audience. They are detailed well so that your audience has all their eyes on you.

Let’s get right into it!


Interesting 10-Minute Presentation Topics

I. Myth Or Reality

Red flags don’t enrage bulls! The Earth is not flat!

An informative yet interesting topic where you can describe some common myths or just one myth or reality and talk about it creatively.

II. How To Avoid The Next Pandemic?

This is a crucial topic after the events that led to the Covid-19 pandemic. If you are not from a medical/science background, don’t worry; you can talk to professionals, read research papers, or read informational blogs.

III. The Power Of Mindful Eating

In today’s world, where our mobile phones have constant attention, we forget to live mindfully. People watch Netflix while eating their food, and some medical professionals believe that your brain may not register that you have eaten the food. So, mindful eating is a must, an important topic you can cover.

IV. Biggest Advertising Failures Of 2022

This might be the perfect topic for people working in branding firms, marketing and commerce-related fields. Some interesting marketing campaigns and advertisements were launched by big brands but flopped, and you can explain what went down and how the failures can be avoided.

V. 1982 vs 2022: The Big Change

The world has changed enormously in the last 40 years, and it would be extremely interesting to compare the different aspects of life we have now to what they used to be. You can discuss the changes in the mode of communication, lifestyle, social life, etc.

VI. Stress Management And Coping Skills

This is the need of the hour. People are slipping into depression, which affects their personal and professional life. Corporate sectors must make the mental health of their employees a top priority.

VII. Global Poverty Alleviation Strategies

People across the globe still live in dilapidated conditions, and some still do not have homes or food or water to drink. This topic needs attention, and you can woo the people by telling them how important this matter is and why everyone should care.

VIII. The Impact Of Films On Society

Another topic that can be presented. You can show how films impact people, how movies based on social causes can affect people, compartmentalizing what is real and what is not and how awareness can be raised.

IX. Is A Borderless World Beneficial To The International Economy?

Imagine a world with no borders, no walls and no boundaries. What will the world look like? How will it impact the economies of the countries? What will the political situations look like in this matter? And more.

X. Feminism

Many people still do not understand the concept of feminism, what it is all about and more. This is an interesting topic since it has the entire world’s attention.

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Important Points To Remember

1. Audience

Remember your audience’s background. Nothing should come off offensive or insensitive.

2. Choose an engaging topic for your project

Demonstrate your understanding of the topic. Choose a topic you are confident about and know you can deliver well. Interesting presentation themes leave a good impression and ensure an interactive session happens with the audience after presenting.

3. Goal

Set an objective. It will help you determine what you want your audience to take away from your presentation.

4. Availability of facts:

Before you finalize the topic, ensure the availability of facts and their credibility. It will make the presentation look well-researched and informative. Also, show statistics and actual research conducted if the presentation requires it.


To sum it up, do your research, engage the audience, and make your presentation interesting and creative. You deserve a standing ovation.

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