100 Things that use Electricity

These days, it’s incredibly challenging to imagine a world without power. Electricity is needed for both little objects like a study lamp and large objects like a train. Modern human society necessitates the use of electricity everywhere. Nowadays, electricity is just as essential to human existence as oxygen.

There are ample uses of electricity, uses of electrical energy, and the applications of electricity in different fields. Modern living is nearly entirely dependent on electricity, which has completely transformed our way of existence.

The uses for electricity are countless. Here are a few examples of how electricity is used:

  • Trains, buses, trams, and automobiles all use electricity in the transportation system.
  • Use electricity as a kind of propulsion, which involves powering the wheels to move the vehicle.
  • Even gas and diesel-powered cars and trucks use electricity to start, regulate, and power their engines.
  • Scooters use electricity to ignite their motors. Home electricity is required for everything from heating and lighting systems to computers, radios, televisions, and phones.
  • Light is converted to energy by wireless lights like solar-powered lamps.

List of 100 things that use electricity

So many things in our world are powered by electricity, including computers, televisions, cash registers, and watches. We’re here to assist you with this list of 100 things that use electricity.

  1. Television
  2. Light
  3. DVD Player
  4. Laptop
  5. Electric Guitar
  6. Bass
  7. Toaster
  8. Computer
  9. Keyboard (musical)
  10. Mobile Phone
  11. Phone 
  12. iPod
  13. Semi-Acoustic Guitar
  14. Floor Polisher
  15. Tablet
  16. Camera
  17. Fan
  18. Oven
  19. Washing Machine
  20. Heater
  21. Air Conditioner
  22. Printer
  23. Sandwich Press
  24. Waffle Iron
  25. 3D Printer
  26. Radio
  27. Car
  28. Remote Control
  29. Computer Keyboard
  30. Computer Mouse
  31. Smartwatch
  32. Sewing Machine
  33. Fitness Tracker
  34. Pedometer
  35. Speakers
  36. Headphones
  37. Earphones
  38. Turntable
  39. Mixer
  40. Vinyl Player
  41. Amplifiers
  42. Noise-Cancelling Headphones
  43. Fridge
  44. Freezer
  45. Microwave
  46. Vacuum Cleaner
  47. Elevator
  48. Escalator
  49. Lift
  50. Monorail
  51. Rollercoaster
  52. Super NES
  53. PlayStation
  54. Nintendo 64
  55. Dreamcast
  56. GameCube
  57. Xbox
  58. Xbox 360
  59. Wii U
  60. PlayStation 4
  61. Xbox One
  62. Nintendo Switch
  63. Drawing Tablet
  64. Wii
  65. Atari
  66. Conveyor Belt
  67. Travelator
  68. Electric Wheelchair
  69. Air Ioniser
  70. Water Heater70
  71. Floodlight
  72. Beacon Light
  73. Hard Drive
  74. Charger
  75. Electric Harp
  76. Electric Mandolin
  77. Pacemaker
  78. Kettle
  79. Thermo Pot/Water Cooke
  80. Air Purifier:
  81. Power Board
  82. Answering Machine
  83. Scanner
  84. Price Scanner
  85. Lawnmower
  86. Line Trimmer
  87. Nail Gun
  88. Hedge Trimmer
  89. Leaf Blower
  90. Pager
  91. Chainsaw
  92. Drill
  93. Circular Saw
  94. Sander
  95. Jigsaw
  96. Hair Dryer
  97. Hair Curler
  98. Hair Crimper
  99. Video Camera
  100. Clothes Steamer
  101. Microphone

Electricity generation depends largely on non-replaceable resources. Thermal power needs coal and other fossil fuel for generating electricity. This fuel has limited reserves and it will take millions of years to replenish these reserves. Wind turbines, solar panels, dams, and other renewable energy-generating technologies are also available.

Electricity is the backbone of modern society. Our life will go back to the primitive age without electricity. There is a need for rational use of electricity, as it is largely produced from non-renewable sources like coal and water. Alternative sources of electricity should be explored to meet the gap between its demand and supply. We should take every step to conserve sources of electricity for future generations.

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