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2 Full Service orders/Double Batches on Instacart


2 Full Service orders/Double Batches on Instacart

Are you trying to figure out what 2 full service orders mean on Instacart? And will it be worth your time? Don’t worry, we have got you covered! Instacart can be confusing for new shoppers and also, doing what you don’t know can hurt your ratings and earnings on the app. Not only will this help you feel more confident about your next 2 full service order on Instacart, but we will also reveal some hidden but important facts about them. So, let’s dive into it.

What do Two Full Service orders/Double batches mean?

A 2 Full service order on Instacart is when the shopper has to fulfil two orders from the same store in one combined task. The shopper will buy both orders together and then deliver them separately to the people who have placed the order. Some shoppers also receive triple orders and there have also been cases of quadruple, and quintuple batches.

Are 2 Full service Orders worth it?

Instacart shoppers normally earn about $20-$29 per hour in 2 full service orders. But, there are a lot of things apps like Instacart do not reveal to the shoppers, like the breakup for the payments of each order.

In the below table we have tried to weigh the pros and cons of double batches according to the experience of different shoppers –

You can complete 2 orders in one go as both orders will be from the same store.For Unexperienced shoppers, 2 orders together can get confusing at times, and may lead to bad ratings and complications.
Potentially pays better ( If both orders tip well ) & if the delivery location is not too far from each other.Complications for one order may lead to delay in the other. Which, can cause bad ratings from the customer.

So, remember, accept double batches only when you know you are familiar with the store, confident in multi-tasking and the delivery locations aren’t far apart.

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Some key tips to get the most out of your 2 full service orders

If you know what you are doing, double service orders can be really profitable for you and help you earn more with instacart. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you accept two full service order together –

  1. Manage the Shopping cart carefully and separate the orders to avoid any confusion.
  2. Be mindful while communicating to customers, don’t send messages meant for one customer to another.
  3. If you are not familiar with the store or not confident, don’t risk your ratings for the double batch order.
  4. Instacart might get the aisle number wrong in the app, so be careful and try completing your order as soon as possible.

Something Instacart does not reveal about double batches

Instacart like other apps utilizes an algorithm to determine the payment and does not share the formula or explain it. Instacart has earlier shared that payment is decided by the kinds of items, the number of items, driving distance, and the time taken in delivering and shopping.

Many shoppers do not get double payment for 2 full service orders even if they are separate orders. Hence, if it was two separate orders of $7, a double batch would not really be $14. Many shoppers have complained that the company charges clients double fees but does not pay the shoppers the double amount.

Where can you see the payout?

You can see the total payment for 2 full service orders in the list that shows available batches. It is exactly like single batches. You can see the in app tips and the total pay. You can also see the heavy order payment. Instacart does not display the breakdown of the payment for double batches and hence you cannot determine the tip paid by both customers.

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