Many people today who wanted to study Chartered Accounting, have dropped out of colleges or institutions since the pandemic. This was because:

  • Once the courses moved online, many teachers were unable to effectively teach through online means, and similarly, many students found it difficult to learn online.
  • Many people could no longer afford the high private tuition or regular class fee.

Furthermore, going to private tuitions became a safety concern for students. At a time like this, online courses played and continue to play a big role in ensuring people pursue the courses they desire. There have been various sites like Udemy in India, that have been having teaching Chartered Accounting courses even before the Pandemic hit, to make classes available to all.

Such online courses have been structured from the beginning to be taught and learned online and hence, have higher learning outcomes, as compared to courses that were meant to be taught offline and were instead taught online.

If you are someone looking to become a chartered accountant, here are 3 of the best Chartered Accounting courses you will find online today in India.

3 Best Chartered Accounting courses online

1. Financial Management A complete study for CA/CMA/CSC/CFA/ACCA

This course is one of the best courses on Udemy for someone preparing to become a Chartered Accountant. It has a review of 4.3 stars and over 13,000 people have joined this course.

The course has over 500 lectures that help students understand each and every concept clearly and in detail, along with additional case studies, articles, handouts, and quizzes.

This course is also able to show its learners the practical side of Financial Management and has a self-paced learning style with real-life examples to make the students at ease.

2. Takshila Learning: Chartered Accountant Course Online

One of the other best CA courses you may find online is on the website Takshila Learning. The course offers a number of video lectures as per the latest ICAI syllabus and is conducted by some of the best faculties in India.

What is unique about this course is that it has three levels- The CA foundation course, the CA Inter/IPCC course, and the CA Final, all of which have different eligibility criteria.

Lastly, this course is not just available online but is also accessible offline, for anyone who is keen to learn.

3. Unacademy’s CA Foundation course

This is another Chartered Accounting course you can complete online in the comfort of your homes with India’s top educators for those preparing for CA exams. Unacademy does not just have live classes but has extensive courses as well in different languages.

You can regularly track your progress with Unacademy’s mock tests. Furthermore, Unacademy does not just have foundational courses for Chartered accountant but also has other levels of CA courses.

There you have it, these are the three best Chartered Accounting Courses you may get online this year in India. Use them to the fullest as these are courses that have a lot of materials and some of the best teachers you may find today.

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