7 Ways to Store the Essentials When You Travel

Properly packing the essentials for business trips is a must. Regardless of the length of the trip, you want to ensure that you pack everything you’ll need and find it easily when you arrive at your destination.

For business trips, the essentials include:

  • Business attire
  • Toiletries
  • Electronics
  • Accessories for electronics
  • Business documents
  • Extra outfit

Ideally, your attire will arrive wrinkle-free, and your toiletries in their containers. However, things happen on the road. If your suitcase winds up in the middle of the luggage stack, the pressure from other suitcases will impact your items.

Carry-ons also experience bumps and shaking. When you open it in your hotel room, you might realize that you did not fully tighten your shampoo bottle. 

The good news is that luggage has evolved over the last five years. In addition, manufacturers have developed organizational extras that help keep personal items in good shape for a few hours or days.

The following are five ways to store the essentials when you travel.

1. Suitcases

Suitcases remain the go-to storage for essentials during travel and after arrival. Hard-shell suitcases have made a comeback, and they have evolved. 

You’ll notice convenient pockets, belts, and compartments in the newest suitcases when you browse the selections. Each helps keep things in their place to prevent damage to the contents. 

2. Suitcase Storage Squares

Suitcase storage squares complement more suitcase options. If you purchase one with only an outer hard shell and nothing but space inside, the squares help you organize your items.

For example, you can separate items by category. Another organization strategy is to place an outfit in each square. Then, when you unpack at your destination, you won’t need to rummage through everything and wrinkle your clothes.

The squares also make repacking your suitcase easier.

Some business travelers must consider other things aside from packing. If you’re someone who deals with the company mileage policy, check out these tips from Hotel Engine.

3. Travel Containers

If you travel by plane, you’ll notice that the TSA still has several regulations regarding liquids and containers. If you do pack the allotted toiletries, store them in travel containers.

Like suitcases, travel containers have also evolved. The silicone versions are squishy, so that you can use up the entire contents. You’ll also find high-end versions on the market that provide high-quality products that can handle trips.

These containers store toiletry essentials nicely since they tend to be leak- and spill-proof.

4. Ziploc Bags

Every traveler should not leave home without a couple of Ziploc bags in different sizes. The bags offer outstanding versatility and help you store important travel items.

For example, you can place your electronic accessories in them. If you don’t have time to wash a load of laundry before heading back home, place your soiled items in the bags.

Most travelers use Ziploc bags to prevent things from spilling or leaking onto their clothes.  

5. Specialized Bags

When you browse the luggage section of your favorite retailer, you’ll notice that they have a selection of travel accessories, such as specialized bags. 

In one bag, you’ll find folds, zips, and locks. Inside, you can place your electronic device accessories, such as charging cables, earbuds, and batteries.

Specialized travel bags offer the contents some protection. Plus, it prevents smaller items from getting tangled and lost in your carry-on or suitcase.

6. Toiletry Bags

If you’re ready to update your luggage or travel bags, don’t overlook the toiletry bags. Sales road warriors who drive to their destinations don’t need to worry about the TSA. Therefore, it makes sense to pick up bags for your toiletries. 

The best ones have a hanger that easily fits and hangs on most bathroom doors. These bags also help prevent spills and leaks onto your clothes. Therefore, they are a nice investment. 

7. Garment Bags

Garment bags are great for keeping business attire free of wrinkles. Some garment bags fit nicely into suitcases. Others are standalone items. 

You never know if your hotel will provide on-site dry cleaning services or if you’ll have enough time to wait for the pressing. Thus, preventing wrinkles is a solid strategy for professional attire. 


Every business traveler requires the right set of luggage and accessories. Today, you can pick from several accessories that store your essentials and help keep them clean. From Ziploc bags to travel containers, check out the availability and purchase the ones that fit your travel needs. 

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