10 Uses of Leaves in our Daily Life

From fresh air to fresh food, leaves have always proven to be the most important. Since we were kids, we have been taught the importance of trees. What do trees give us? Leaves! And these leaves give us so many things in return. Life would be impossible without them. Here is a list of 10 … Read more

10 Uses of E-mail in Education


Education has been of utmost importance from the beginning of time. With technology advancing, education also has advanced, and you will see tech mingling with education in today’s world. E-mails have entered the world of schools and lecturing. While they have always been together, the pandemic brought them closer due to necessity. In this article, … Read more

10 Uses of Computers in Agriculture


Agriculture is the most important source of living, and it ensures employment and helps reach food on our tables. Now, computer machines can help the field of agriculture prosper. Gone are the days when you had to trot and find solutions to farming problems, and today, you can find all that with just a click. … Read more

Uses of Iron 59

iron 59

Iron 59 (Fe 59) is a radioisotope of Iron, having a mass number of 59, an atomic number of 26 and a half-life period of only 44.5 days. Iron is known to have 28 isotopes, with four being radioactive. Iron 59 is a heavy iron radioisotope which emits beta particles and gamma rays, and it … Read more

Uses of Computers at Home


You bought a new computer, and now you are excited about knowing things you can do with it. We have something in store for you: we have listed some important uses of computers at home. A personal computer can be a desktop or a laptop, and it works best with the internet. Let’s get cracking! … Read more

Uses of a Mouse for Class 2


Hey Kids! Do you know what a computer mouse is? It is not like a mouse running around your house’s nooks and crannies. Instead, it is a portable pointing device that tracks motion on a surface. So, a mouse is used for dragging, dropping, clicking and hovering over icons you see on your screen. We … Read more

Top Five Uses of Projectors

Projectors have always been fascinating gadgets to most gadget freaks. Projectors are used in various places, such as schools, classrooms, and offices. But not all of the uses of projectors are well-known. Learn about the top five benefits of projectors and “why projectors are a must-buy gadget”. Top Five Uses of Projectors Here we list … Read more