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Adsy Review – Is it Good for Guest Posts?


Adsy Review – Is it Good for Guest Posts?

Adsy is a Content Placement and Content Creation platform that allows users to buy guest posts on third-party websites and buy content creation services. With Adsy, users can pay publishers to publish short-form and long-form articles on their blogs and websites with backlinks to the user’s domain. This allows users to boost their website’s search engine rankings by creating quality backlinks. Users can also use content creation services without content placement services. The company was founded in 2016 by Darlene Florrie and is headquartered in Delaware, United States.

How does Adsy work?

  • Adsy allows users to choose publishers based on multiple parameters such as Domain Authority, Geographical Location, Language, Category, Price etc. Users can choose the publishers who are most relevant to them.
  • Adsy allows users to improve their website’s search engine rankings using White Hat SEO tactics. Users can pay publishers to publish articles with backlinks in the most ethical and search engine-friendly manner. Search Engines won’t blacklist such posts and backlinks because they are authentic and natural.
  • The guest posts won’t be considered unnatural by search engines as the publisher’s domain will match your niche, and the content will be relevant to your website.
  • Users can also get product reviews written by publishers from relevant niches with quality backlinks.
  • Publishers can help boost organic and referral traffic from their websites and blogs.
  • Adsy users can promote their products and services on the most relevant websites.
  • Users can increase their own Domain Authority and the number of pages indexed by search engines.

Adsy reviews

Adsy allows users to choose publishers to create and publish content on their blogs and websites. Links to the user’s website almost always accompany such guest posts. Users have to pay Adsy and the publishers for these services. I saw quite a few positive reviews about Adsy on a site called However, there were a few concerns as well.

Some users seem to have encountered problems while making payments and recharging their account balances. Also, it has been difficult for many users to get refunds for cancelled or rejected orders. The money lies in your Adsy account, which you can reuse for another order but can’t get back in your bank account. There have been a few concerns about the efficiency and utility of publishers. Some users feel that Adsy could do a better job while hiring publishers. The third concern has been about the delayed or unresponsive support team. While there have been these three concerns, many users have also posted satisfactory and positive reviews.

Key Takeaways

The idea of getting paid guest posts for our blogs and websites is very attractive, especially since the practice of getting paid reviews for products, services, people, and brands has been around for decades. Adsy allows small and large businesses to get paid reviews and guest posts on authentic third-party websites and blogs. Such posts can help you improve your website rankings and generate organic and referral traffic at a reasonable cost. I think it’s a fantastic concept, but you should be careful while shortlisting publishers and managing your financial transactions on Adsy. Please thoroughly scrutinise the publisher before transacting with him and schedule your financial transactions in batches on Adsy.

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