Why is Amazon Making Me Pay With Affirm?

Are you wondering why Amazon is asking you to make payments with Affirm? Not sure why that is happening. Fret not; you have reached the correct place. This article will help you understand why this is happening, and we will also answer some other critical questions.

Let’s dive deep into it.


Affirm is a financial technology company┬áthat lets customers purchase products or services from online vendors and pay for those purchases in monthly installments, offers things like Savings accounts for consumers, etc. Using Affirm has attractive perks – no service fees, prepayment fees, no late fees, or other hidden costs. You can even earn cash back on the purchases you make.

Why is Amazon Making Me Pay With Affirm?

Recently, Amazon has partnered with Affirm to enable the option of BNPL for its consumers. The buy now, pay later model helps consumers purchase a product and make the actual payment for it later. This flexible way of income can help many consumers.

The collaboration between Amazon and Affirm allows specific Amazon customers to divide the full cost of goods totalling $50 or more into straightforward monthly installments. The whole amount of an approved customer’s transaction is displayed up front, and they will never pay more than what they agree to at the checkout. As a part of their promise, customers who choose Affirm won’t pay any late or hidden fees.

How do I get to remove Affirm on Amazon?

Follow the steps:

  • Click on Your Account.
  • Then, click on the Payment options. 
  • Choose the payment method you want to delete (here, choose Affirm).
  • Click on delete.
  • Finally, click on Confirm delete.


I. What happens if you don’t pay on time with Affirm?

On its loans or to open an account, Affirm doesn’t charge any fees. There are no additional charges or penalties for late payments, but your delinquent payment may hurt your credit history and credit score.

II. Does Amazon Affirm affect credit?

No, with Amazon, your credit score won’t be affected if you register for an Affirm account or verify your eligibility. Your monthly payments with Affirm may be reported to credit bureaus if you purchase with them. The Help Center for Affirm has more details.

III. What is the credit limit with Affirm?

Although it does not have a maximum or minimum limit, there is a limit on purchases, which is $17,500.


So, to sum it up, Amazon has ventured with Affirm and added the new feature of the buy now, pay later model. It is not compulsory to use it, and you can always choose to remove that option of payment. Affirm can help consumers with this method of flexible payment on Amazon.

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