The Solution to Amazon Smart Plug Blinking Red

Smart plugs are quite famous in the market of smart homes since they let users control devices at home virtually. However, every technology has issues and even with smart plugs, you are going to encounter problems that will require troubleshooting. With smart plugs, the most standard issue that users face is the blinking light in red color.

Hence, if you are wondering why is my amazon smart plug flashing red? Then it is because it may be having trouble being connected to the internet. You can troubleshoot using the below mentioned steps to connect it to the internet again.

  1. Check your internet network and make sure that it is properly working. Check the other devices connected to the network and see if the internet is working for them.
  2. Situate the smart plug a minimum of six feet apart from your router but within 30 feet from your smart device or smart home hub.
  3. Update all essential software and hardware.
  4. Restart and reset the smart plug, mobile phone application, and smart device that is used to access the plug.

Smart devices and smart plugs need an internet connection to work properly. They will be of no use without an internet connection. However, when they are connected to a good internet connection, they can be very useful.

Troubleshoot Your Smart Plug

Why is my amazon smart plug flashing red?

Are you wondering why is my amazon smart plug blinking red? Here is everything you must know about the blinking light, its meaning, and how can fix the issue it is indicating-

Why is my amazon smart plug blinking red

Most basic smart plugs have a LED light that indicates their status to their user. If the light is off, that means the device is off as well. When the device is on, the light will be a solid green or blue. When the smart plug will be setting up or warming up, then the light will be blinking green or blue.

Hence, why is your amazon smart plug flashing red? The type or brand of the smart plug does not matter, it is flashing red, then it is indicating a connectivity problem. That means the smart plug is facing trouble in connecting with the internet connection or its power source. Most cases of blinking red lights are due to a nonexistent or poor internet connection.

Source: Amazon

What Can You Do?

Try the below mentioned steps for troubleshooting the smart plug in your home if it is flashing red-

1- Check your network

  1. Move the smart plug’s location.
  2. Update all software and hardware
  3. Reset your smart plug


It can be annoying to realize that an amazing smart device such as your smart plug is blinking a bright red light, without understanding why it is doing so or how you can fix whatever is wrong. However, you can follow the above mentioned troubleshooting advice and that should mostly resolve your issue without having to call technical support or read the owner’s manual.

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