Does apple watch 6 need a screen protector?

The Apple watch remains to be a standout wearable amongst its audience despite it being limited to Apple products only. Android users cannot till date connect with the Apple watch. Nevertheless, the Apple Watch remains to be the most popular smart watch in the market.  

Apple Watch 6 Specifications

  • The Apple Watch Series 6 was launched on September 16, 2020, alongside Apple’s SE phone. Starting at $399 / £379 / AU$599.
  • The 40mm rectangular shaped dial was launched in Silver, Grey, Gold, Blue, and Product Red colors. It comes with an OLED Retina display which is water resistant.
  • The display is rich in colors and contrast ratios.
  • The dial material encompasses Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and Titanium.

Note: Apple also sells the Apple Watch Series 6 in space black stainless steel, but only as part of the Hermès lineup starting at $1299 for 44mm.

Apple Watch models in stainless steel include a sapphire coating on the screen that has a track record of being highly resistant to scratches and scuffs. Ion Glass on aluminum models however is not that strong.

Apple Watch Series 6

Does Apple Watch 6 need screen protector?

Consumers of expensive technology are often worried about the delicate body of the gadgets. Consumers invest in high quality durable cases and screen protectors when buying high-end phones, smart watches, laptops, air pods, etc. It is thus a genuine concern whether you need a screen protector for your Apple Watch 6.

The answer is NO.

The Apple Watch is scratch-proof and water resistant. It does not require any additional screen protector.

Apple also advises its customers that they need not use or fit any screen protector on the smart watch. If the screen is scratched, Apple does not recommend cleaning the screen with abrasives or external products. This can lead to the damage of the screen underneath and the product being damaged altogether.

The use of a screen protector is however a personal preference.  However, it is possible that the consumer may have scratched the oleophobic coating that is fingerprint resistant. It is normal for this coating to wear out during normal use. It is important to note that scratching the layer does not damage the screen underneath.

A good quality screen protector or thin film sheet may help the consumer prevent scratches and future damage. It can also help obscure previous scratches and minimize the visible damage.

Apple Watch 6 Screen Warranty

Unless the screen defect is caused by manufacturing reasons, cosmetic damage is not covered under Apple’s or AppleCare+’s limited warranty. If the Apple Watch has more than just cosmetic damage, it is important to remember that Apple advises against continuing to use a damaged Apple Watch.

However, the Apple Watch is not user serviceable, and Apple does not offer screen repair or crystal/screen replacement services for the Apple Smart Watch. Nevertheless, in case the issue is not covered under warranty (or AppleCare+, if previously purchased) the Apple Watch may be eligible for replacement through an out-of-warranty paid service.

Where to buy a Apple Watch Series 6 Screen Protector?

Apple currently does not sell any screen protectors for it smart watches online. If you are looking for a screen protector for your gadget, we recommend you visit your nearest Apple store. They can help you with the fitting of the screen protector as well, if available. You can also check the various screen protectors available on amazon.

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