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Are Monkey Nuts Unhealthy? | Myths and Truths

Monkey Nuts


Are Monkey Nuts Unhealthy? | Myths and Truths

Monkey nuts are rich in protein and contain good fat, making them healthy. It is a common misconception that monkey nuts are nuts because the term has ‘nut’ in it. The peanuts found inside the hard shell covering are actually legumes.

Many wonder whether they are healthy or not. Let’s find that out in this article.

monkey nuts

Common Misconceptions About Monkey Nuts

There are many misconceptions about monkey nuts, which are the reason for the widespread belief that monkey nuts are unhealthy.

1. Monkey nuts are fattening and, thus, unhealthy.

One of the most popular misconceptions is that monkey nuts are unhealthy because they lead to weight gain and it contains good fat: mono and polyunsaturated types

If eaten in the appropriate quantity, it can help lose weight. Peanuts, which include high-quality protein, carbohydrates, and fats, keep your stomach full for an extended period, preventing needless cravings. Although, consuming more than the normal intake can lead to weight gain.

2. Monkey nuts lead to a weak heart.

Peanuts contain high calories and thus are frequently associated with heart disease. They can help prevent heart disease as they are rich in heart-healthy nutrients. Among them are magnesium, niacin, copper, oleic acid, and various antioxidants, such as resveratrol.

These were the two most common myths regarding monkey nuts. There are several other benefits of eating monkey nuts:

Benefits of eating Monkey Nuts

  • With only 2.7 g of carbohydrates, monkey nuts are a low-carb food. Low-carbohydrate diets are better than low-fat diets if you want to lose weight.
  • They contain protein. Proteins give your body the amino acids it needs to create and repair vital tissues like skin and bone.
  • As mentioned earlier, they have good fat that is healthy for you.

To gain the highest nutritional absorption from monkey nuts, ensure that you soak these nuts overnight or at least for 4 hours before consuming them. Also, we should eat 10-15 peanuts every day and not overindulge. Overeating or binge eating any food, howsoever nutritious, can be disastrous. Know what to eat after binge eating to cleanse your body.

Harmful effects of Monkey nuts

1. Aflatoxin Contamination:

  • Aflatoxin toxicity is characterized by a lack of hunger and symptoms of jaundice, which are common indications of liver disease.
  • This infection can cause liver problems and cancer if left untreated.
  • The danger of aflatoxin contamination is determined by how peanuts are preserved, and warm and moist weather raises the risk.
  • Aflatoxin contamination may be avoided by completely drying peanuts after harvesting and storing them at a reduced temperature and relative humidity.

2. Allergy

  • Peanut allergy is a food allergy affecting people who eat peanuts.
  • Itching, hives, swelling, dermatitis, sneezing, respiratory infection, stomach discomfort, dip in blood pressure, diarrhoea, and heart attack are all visible symptoms of an allergic response.
  • Anaphylaxis is possible, and those with a history of asthma are more prone to be seriously affected. It is caused by a type I hypersensitivity reaction of the immune cells in high-risk groups. The allergy is considered among the most severe food allergies.

3. Phytic acid- Antinutrient:

  • Monkey nuts include chemicals that interfere with nutrient digestion and diminish nutrient benefits. Phytic acid is one such kind of nutrient found in peanuts.
  • The amount of iron and zinc in peanuts is reduced due to phytic acid, thus diminishing their nutritional content considerably.


You must have heard the phrase “excess of anything is harmful,” and so is eating monkey nuts. Though these legumes can remarkably affect our health, consuming too much may lead to weight gain and other health risks. Moreover, if you observe some adverse symptoms after having monkey nuts, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Check the proper quantity of nuts consumed daily for a longer life.

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