Austria And Denmark Distance Themselves From EU In Covid Vaccines

Austria and Denmark “will in the future cease to depend on the European Union (EU)” in the field of vaccination and plan to cooperate with Israel in the production of drugs for new mutations of the coronavirus, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has announced .

“Experts estimate that annual vaccines will be needed for about six million Austrians. That is why we will cooperate closely with Denmark and Israel on vaccine research and production,” Kurz wrote in a tweet.

According to the local agency APA, the conservative politician will address this issue with his Israeli counterpart, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , in his planned visit to Israel next Thursday.

Criticisms of the European Medicines Agency
The access to vaccines across the EU , as has been done so far is “in principle correct. But the European Medicines Agency is too slow in approving vaccines and there are bottlenecks in the supply by of pharmaceutical companies, “Kurz argued in a statement sent to APA.

In that note, the head of the Government announces “a change of course” in the vaccination strategy not only of his country, but also of Denmark , Greece and the Czech Republic , within the framework of a cooperation in which Australia and Norway .

All the aforementioned nations belong to a group calling itself First Moves Countries , formed during the first wave of the pandemic, when they agreed to exchange experiences after verifying that they were more successful than others in the fight against covid-19.

Future mutations
“We have to prepare for more mutations and we must not continue to depend solely on the EU for the production of second-generation vaccines,” Kurz insisted after commenting on the vision of many scientists that the population should renew their immunization regularly in the coming years. .

To face that future, Austria, Denmark and the members of the “pioneer” group will stop depending “on the future of the EU and, together with Israel, will produce doses of second-generation vaccines for other mutations of the coronavirus in the coming years. to jointly investigate treatment options, “he said.

He explained that Austria, of 8.9 million inhabitants , estimates that it will need at least 30 million doses of vaccines, since, according to experts, two-thirds of the population will probably have to be vaccinated annually in the coming years.

Home production
In recent weeks, Vienna repeatedly criticized the EMA, accusing it of being too bureaucratic in decision-making, and showed its willingness to facilitate and encourage the production of vaccines of various origins, including the Russian Sputnik V, on Austrian territory. .

As part of the preparation of his trip to Israel, Kurz plans to meet today with representatives of the main pharmaceutical companies of the Alpine republic.

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