Rain Gauge- What it is? Its uses & Types

uses of rain gauge

What is a “Rain Gauge”? A rain gauge is a meteorological device that weather forecasters and hydrologists use to measure the quantity of rainfall in a given length of time per unit area. Udometer, pluviometer, and ombrometer are some of the other terms for it. The device is reliable, consisting of a storage container that … Read more

Will The World End In 2022?

Will the world end in 2022?

Humans have always been obsessed with the end of the world, and this obsession has continued into the present day. There are myriad theories related to how the world may come to an end. One such scenario includes super-volcanic eruptions that may create massive dust and ash clouds that could block out the sun, turning … Read more

X Seed 4000 VS Burj Khalifa

x seed 4000 vs burj khalifa

It’s basic human nature to compare two things and reach the ultimate conclusion just for the sake of his knowledge. And this regular burst of comparing two things enhances our knowledge and teaches us something. So, today this article will be comparing two gigantic skyscrapers, so with no further delay, let’s dive straight into it. … Read more

Will the world end in 2038?

is the world going to end in 2038

This year wasn’t what we expected it to be. We went from making some of the best plans of our lives to just sitting at home and streaming movies, which, in fact, was a great bummer. And the sudden outbreak of such a deadly virus planted a seed of fear inside our heads, all of … Read more

Best of Shoe Sanitizer Mats in 2021

Best of Shoe Sanitizer Mats in 2021

Wearing a mask or spraying sanitizer over the body isn’t enough since shoes are a favorable medium for COVID germs to enter your well-sanitized home. The shoe sanitizer mats are available in the market to check the entry of the corona virus via shoe soles. Take a look at a couple of options handpicked for … Read more

Is It Good or Bad to Be Optimistic?

Is It Good or Bad to Be Optimistic?

People who have a highly positive attitude towards life are often tagged as being dreamy and non-realistic. Because of their trusting and optimistic nature they may face some troubles and get hurt. Do you fall in this category of people and think all that happens in life is for the good. But when you inadvertently … Read more

Can Hand Sanitizer Stain Clothes? How to Avoid It?

Can Hand Sanitizer Stain Clothes? How to Avoid It?

Despite what people think, hand sanitizers don’t really stain clothes. However, you see this stain on your dress after spilling hand sanitizer over it. What is it? Keep scrolling and I’ll explain it to you. I’ll be covering the following sections in this article: Can hand sanitizer ruin clothes? Which fabrics have the highest damage … Read more

How Long Do Wind Turbine Blades Last?

Wind Turbine

When technology and natural resources are fused together, there is a lot of scope for the production of energy. Wind turbines, hydro generators, solar panels, etc. are all examples of technological inventions that have largely generated energy by utilizing water, wind, sunlight, and likewise. Today, let’s dive into wind turbines to know more about them. … Read more