Order of the Colors in a Rainbow

order of the colors in a rainbow

Rainbows are something we are always taught about in our classrooms from the very beginning. Whether it is in our elementary classrooms where we learn different colors or in our physics classes in middle school where we observe the Prism Rainbow experiments. The point here is, that we have all seen, heard, or learned about … Read more

What was Saudi Arabia previously know as?

What was Saudi arabia previously known as?

Towns, cities, and countries may often see a change in name for various reasons. You may see this happen when there is a change in the political climate of the place. This happens especially when a country or region newly gains independence or sees a change in the regime. When we come to think of … Read more

A Birthday Speech for Myself

A Birthday Speech for Myself

Birthdays are very special days around the world. It marks the beginning of a new life, year, a change in your parents’ lives, and is significant to many, in other ways. Birthdays are a day where others come and celebrate your life. However, what many of us often fail to do, is celebrate our own … Read more

Is it safe to live in Puerto Rico?

Is it safe to live in Puerto rico?

Most cities, towns, and states are relatively safe in this century. Yet, no matter how developed a country may is, there are always threats to one’s safety. These may be threats from humans and threats from the environment. Puerto Rico is an island in the Caribbean, and if you are someone thinking about moving to … Read more

Christ the Redeemer vs Statue of Liberty

Christ the Redeemer vs statue of liberty

Are you someone looking for a tourist spot to visit and are interested in statues? Here is an article that talks about two of the world’s breathtaking statues that you may ever come across in your life. These statues are the Christ the Redeemer and the Statue of Liberty. The article gives you details about … Read more

Is the Dominican Republic a safe place to live in?

is the dominican republic safe to live

It is a basic human instinct to protect one’s self and their family. Thus, whenever we look for a house, a vacation destination, a hotel, etc., we always tend to take into consideration the safety of ourselves and the people around us. Most often we always assume that every place, city, etc. is as safe … Read more


why do companies use social media?

If you are a budding entrepreneur, you must have come across a number of small and large businesses on social media. But, what is the purpose of businesses and companies using social media? This is an article that will tell you why companies use social media and can help you reflect on whether or not … Read more

CN Tower vs Burj Khalifa

tallest building

CN Tower and Burj Khalifa are considered among the tallest buildings in the world. These buildings hold a significant essence attached to them. Among CN Tower and Burj Khalifa, Burj Khalifa has acquired the stature of the tallest building in the world. These tall buildings, or skyscrapers are among the top tourist attractions around the … Read more