Who Are The Famous Freemasons Alive Today?

Freemasons are a fraternal organization; Freemasons or Masons have been linked with many conspiracy theories. Freemasonry is not a religion but a belief in religion; it complements religion and confirms its presence. Freemasons primarily believe in the power of the Supreme Being, and they have stringent rules regarding admitting women into the order and the … Read more

Will The World End In 2038?

is the world going to end in 2038

Many people predicted that the year 2038 would be the time when the world would end. What would the world look like then? How will it end? So many questions must pop into your mind. In this article, we shall try to analyse and understand whether the prediction is accurate.  So, let’s dig in and … Read more

Writing A Motivational Speech For Grade 11 Students

Motivational speech for grade 11 students

With their age growing, grade 11 students face a lot of challenges. This is the period where they are transforming into adults. Peer pressure, deciding which university to join, figuring out their path, education, etc., can be daunting for these youngsters. It is crucial to motivate them and let them know they are not alone … Read more

Olivier Renaud-Age, Height, Net Worth, Biography

Olivier Renaud is a famous Canadian celebrity who hails from Montreal, Canada. In 2008, he entered showbiz through Cirque du Soliel, a famous Canadian circus, as an acrobat. Later, he starred in several TV shows and movies, especially based on Christmas. Let’s explore his whereabouts and projects in this article! Olivier Renaud I. Education and … Read more

CN Tower vs Burj Khalifa

tallest building

CN Tower and Burj Khalifa are among the tallest buildings in the world. These buildings hold a significant essence attached to them. Burj Khalifa has acquired the stature of the tallest building in the world. These tall skyscrapers are among the top tourist attractions worldwide, and their architecture is a feast for the eyes. CN … Read more

Nostalgic Computer Games For Girls From 2000s

Games from the 2000s

Computer games back in the 2000s were a whole different experience. From dress-ups to baking games, all the girls loved playing them. Many girls grew up playing computer games such as Stardoll, Barbie, and other similar games. Several of these games or updated versions are still available online, which is great news for enthusiasts. Let us … Read more

Top 10 Glass Manufacturers in the UAE

Glass manufacturers in the UAE have progressed to fulfil the expanding need of the country’s development and construction sector. Rapid development in the UAE’s infrastructure has led to a growing preference for building supplies, particularly unique glass supplies. The following is a list of the top 10 glass manufacturers in the UAE. Let’s get cracking. … Read more