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Axie Infinity vs. Sandbox: Which One Is A Better Investment Option?


Axie Infinity vs. Sandbox: Which One Is A Better Investment Option?

Both Axie Infinity and Sandbox belong to the category of digital assets. While the former is an NFT-based multiplayer game, the latter is a virtual world based on the Blockchain network of Ethereum.

Let’s see the differences between the two in this article:

Axie Infinity vs. Sandbox

Axie Infinity: Multiplayer NFT GameSandbox: Virtual NFT World
Axie Infinity has AXS as its native coin.SAND token powers the digital economy of the Sandbox metaverse.
Axie Infinity is an NFT-based multiplayer game that uses Ethereum’s blockchain network.Sandbox is a metaverse and gaming ecosystem that allows users to create, share, buy, and sell virtual assets and games.
This game involves a battle scenario where players slug it out with the help of creatures called Axies.For example, users can buy land in the virtual world and then sell it to other users at a higher price.
These creatures are essentially NFTs made up of up more than 500 different body parts and have the breeding ability to produce their offspring.The platform also allows the creation of 3D games that can be monetized through further trading and selling to buyers.
AXS has put out an impressive show in terms of its growth story since its inception in 2020. Its recent performance lacks the old spark. Experts agree that the project holds tremendous growth potential for the future.All the transactions on the Sandbox ecosystem are done with the help of the SAND token.

Monetary Differences in Axie Infinity and Sandbox

The table given below summarises the differences between Axie Infinity and Sandbox on important dimensions:

S/NParameterAxie Infinity (AXS)Sandbox (SAND)
2Circulating Supply6,09,07,5001,12,49,40,000
3Total Market Capitalization$3.3B USD$3.58B
4Market Rank4138

Which one is the better investment option?

Axie Infinity and Sandbox cater to two different segments within the category of NFTs. Both these projects stand on solid underpinnings and have long-term potential to offer attractive returns to investors.

The choice between the two projects boils down to your interest and alignment within the NFT category. If you love playing online games and have a knack for in-game purchases, then the investment in the Axie Infinity makes more sense.

However, people with a broader sense of creativity will find the Sandbox a more attractive option. The possibilities for building and trading virtual assets are far more extensive here.


As an investor, one important thing to remember is to invest in either of these projects with a long-term perspective. Using the short-term approach to money-making might not augur well, as the tumultuous nature of the crypto will keep you guessing in the short to medium term.

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