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Best Instagram Bio for Graphic Designer

best bio on instagram for graphic designers


Best Instagram Bio for Graphic Designer

Social media is a place you can be judged by a picture you post or even a caption you may use for the content you post. Hence, one must always be careful of what you put out there because you may never know who may open up your page and scroll through.

These days social media accounts have also become a place for Graphic designers to flourish. One can easily market their services and reach a larger audience through just a post on a page. Social media like Instagram works even better when you are a sole entrepreneur and are trying to sell out your services, as you don’t need an entire team to market your services.

However, in order to use social media for your business, it is of utmost importance that you are careful about what you put out there. Your post, channels, videos, captions, and even Bios are what will grab the attention of people and successfully bring them to your service. This is an article that will help you create the best Bio on Instagram for graphic designers.


Why do I need a captivating Bio?

  • The first thing you see when you open a page is the bio of the page/person. Hence, your bio must be one of the best bios out there.
  • People tend to judge others based on their Bio and the words used in it.
  • Bios are like jingles on Television. They need to be impactful.

How can I create the Best Bio if I am a graphic designer?

Here are a few pointers you can use while creating your bio:

  • Be honest: Don’t portray yourself or your business as something you are not. If you are a small or new business make sure people know that.
  • Advertise localness: If you are a graphic designer that is local, ensure that you advertise that as well, as people these days prefer to encourage local business.
  • Add links to your page: This is an important pointer. Ensure your viewers/potential customers have access to the kind of work you do so that they know what they are getting into. Add links to our website or web page where people can view your past work.
  • Add your contact information: Very often although businesses on Instagram may be appealing to people, people do not end up using their services because their contact information is difficult to find. This makes one lose some of the greatest opportunities.
  • Be precise and to the point: Let people know the exact nature of the services you provide and keep this short.
  • Add something fun: Do mention something fun or funny in your bio. It could be a sarcastic remark, a fun fact about yourself or even a commendable graphic designing job you’ve done

Use these pointers while making your Bio and you will have one of the best Bios on Instagram for graphic designers.

Here are some examples of some of the Best Instagram Bios

Ruth Miles
Graphic Designer
Available for graphic designing for Posters, Brochures, magazines, reports, and websites.
Find my work here:
Reach out to 67529900225
I have a good turnaround time with quality work (even my doggo likes it ) with a reasonable fee.
Will Grahams
Freelance Graphic Designer Design websites, logos, and brands
Check out my work here
Available at [email protected] or on 77662789092
Trust me you won’t regret it, at least Disney didn’t 😉

There you have it. These are some of the best examples of Bios for graphic designers on Instagram. Follow the pointers and you will have a successful business. Good Luck!!!!

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