Best Power Strips for your Computer

We have tested a wide variety to select the best power strips for your computer.

1. Jacklyed Tower – Power Strip

Source: Amazon

This is the Best Power Strip for Workspaces. for $28

Outlets – 10
Power Switch – Yes
USB Ports – 2.1 amp, 4
Circuit Breaker – 13 amp
Surge protection – 900 joules
Cord length- 6.5 feet
Detects ground fault – No
Plug – Standard

The Jackyled is a basic tabletop strip. It can be used in collaborative meetings or environments. You can place this power strip in the table’s center and use it comfortably. It has many outlets on each side with 2 ports for USB on both sides. Every tower layer also has a power switch that can be used to select which devices to switch on or off. There is no additional cable that you may have to loop around since the cord retracts into the base. This is one of the best power strips for your computer if you want a power strip for a project table where equipment and tools are often used and many things are performed at once.

2. 360 Electrical Curve With 6 Outlets

Source: Amazon

This Power Strip is Best For Tiny Spaces for $20.

Outlets – 6
Power Switch – Available
USB Ports – Zero
Circuit Breaker – 15 amp
Surge Protection – 1080 Joules
Cord Length – 4 feet
Ground Fault Detection – Available
Plug- 90 Degrees

360 Power Curve is unlike blocky, traditional power strips. This narrow and long model appears sleek and will appear great if it is left out in the open. Every receptacle on this power strip rotates and hence can be used for large power adapters and plugs without obscuring plugs that are near them. It has a power switch on its end which can be used as a circuit breaker. This is the best power strip for PC and has bright and large LEDs that will provide the status of surge protection and circuit grounding. Hence, if a ground fault or surge occurs, you will be able to notice it immediately.

3. Globe Electric Series – Designer Power Strip

Source: Amazon

This is the Best Looking Power Strip for $16.

Outlets – 3
Power Switch – Not Available
USB ports – 2.4 amp, 2
Circuit Breaker – Not Available
Surge Protection – 300 joules
Cord Length- 6 feet
Ground fault detection – Not Available
Plug- 90 degrees

You can match the power strip to your decor or style with this best PC power strip. It has 12 colors in the Designer Series. It is a simple model that offers surge protection of 300 joules on three outlets and two USB ports. You can use it on a tabletop or desk since it is small. It is available with a power cord that is 6 feet in length and is wrapped in a color-matched, braided, fabric cover. This power strip does not look like a utility object but appears like a designed decor item. It has a low profile, right-angle plug that makes it simple to sneak it behind furniture and situate it right against the wall.

You cannot use this strip as a permanent source of power, especially for sensitive devices.

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