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Where & How To Buy NBA Top Shots?


Where & How To Buy NBA Top Shots?

With such a high fan following, it’s no wonder that NBA Top Shots are in high demand across the United States and Canada. If you are looking for some NBA Top Shots, you have come to the right spot.

This article will guide you through where and how to buy NBA top shots’ NFTs. Let’s get cracking!

NBA Top Shots: Where & How To Buy Them?

It is straightforward to buy or sell NBA Top Shots; here are the steps you can follow:

I. Visit Their Website

When you ask ‘where to go?’ go to their website at, register with your email address, and make an NBA Top Shot account.

They will ask you to keep a one-time code with you in case of recovery of your account.

Also, review and agree to the terms and use of privacy and NBA privacy policies.

II. Choose Your Team

Everyone’s favorite part- Choose your favorite NBA team to continue to the next steps.


Either buy individual Top Shots on the secondary market or get card packs straight from NBA Top Shots, which frequently sell out shortly after the release. You can also sell previously purchased Top Shots to others on this platform.

A basic set and a Rising Stars pack are the two special card pack types in NBA Top Shot. The Rising Stars pack costs $199 and offers a considerably higher chance for a rare item than the standard set, which costs $9.

IV. Optional: Buy a Wallet

Transfer your collections to your Dapper Wallet if you intend to keep your NBA Top Shots NFTs for a while. You may download a customized wallet made by Dapper to use with the Flow Blockchain from Dapper’s website.

nba top shots

Investing In NBA Top Shots: Things To Keep In Mind

  • Always be prepared and stick to selling a ‘Moment’ fast if you’re buying it to do so.
  • Avoid making any purchases you wouldn’t be OK with if your strategy doesn’t work out.
  • Set a spending limit that you are OK with, and never make an investment you can’t afford to lose.
  • It would be best if you kept an eye on Moment circulation.
  • These NFTs are on the Flow blockchain, and you cannot keep your Top Shots on an Ethereum wallet.

Important Key Terms

Moment NFTs: Moment NFTs are official NBA digital collectibles that capture highlights and short videos from NBA games and players.

Five-Moment tiers:

Common: The most widely-available NFTs are Common Moments, whose circulation count frequently starts at over 400,000. These are easily accessible in markets or packets.

Fandom: For fans, this tier offers the most exciting opportunity for a collection. Instead of being determined by a particular mint number, the circulation count is determined by dynamic demand. You can find this tier of NFTs during unique promotional events.

Rare: The neon corners on the front of these Moments indicate their uniqueness. Moments of the Rare tier circulations between 250 and 2,022.

Legendary: Of all the levels, Legendary Moments are the most esteemed. With neon corners, the circulation count varies from 50 to 125.

Final Words

Non Fungible Tokens are becoming increasingly popular for owning and storing your favorite audio and video clips, art, etc. NBA Top Shots are also a digital asset currently in high demand. There are differing opinions about the future of NFTs; some believe that NFTs are here to stay, and some think otherwise. Irrespective of the outcome, if you feel good about owning and cherishing NBA moments of your favorite players, NBA Top Shots is for you.

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