Can You Dry Epoxy With A Hair Dryer?

Isn’t it fascinating to do projects with epoxy resin? You can create cool DIY projects like a table or a miniature beach set. The appearance of a finished product made of epoxy resin is a treat to the eyes, and the whole procedure to make them is so satisfying. You can also make coasters or gift curios or get something custom-made. Epoxy resin is also used in industries and electric works, and it is used for making countertops and joining wood parts with each other.

Now, you are in a rush to make your epoxy dry up as soon as possible, and think of using a hair dryer for it. Is it a good idea? Fret not; this article can help in answering your question.

Let’s dive deep into it.

Can You Dry Epoxy With A Hair Dryer?

Yes, you can use a hair dryer or a blow dryer to dry epoxy resin. Many people use it to make epoxy dry faster. Besides a hair dryer, one can use a heat gun or a heating lamp. These things can make the epoxy dry more quickly.

For best results, ensure the temperature of the hair dryer is set to a suitable range. If there is no temperature setting and it has different modes, choose the medium or moderate setting. Not too little and not too high. If you are new to this, we suggest using the slowest mode first. Also, do not blow on it too hard, or your project might get ruined.

Also, ensure that the room where you are working has a temperature of 22-26 degrees Celsius (approximately 77-79 degrees Fahrenheit).

Will the heat destroy my project?

No, your project will not get destroyed easily by heat, as most epoxy resins are heat-resistant. That being said, you must ensure what kind of epoxy resin you use. Some start softening after crossing a specific temperature (around 65 degrees Celsius and above). A completely cured epoxy resin might not soften that quickly, but it is best to ensure how your epoxy reacts. Better safe than sorry, right?

DIY epoxy is different from the one used in industries. They are subject to certain conditions, and very high temperatures will make them disintegrate. So, check how your epoxy will react to different heat. ranges.

Important: The moment you see cracking or bubbling happening, immediately remove the heat.

Precautions to follow while working with Epoxy Resin

  • The vapors can be dangerous. It is best to wear a protective face shield or an organic vapor cartridge. Also, wear eye goggles to protect your eyes.
  • Make sure the room is set at the apt temperature.
  • Always wash your hands after using epoxy and its hardeners. Do not rub your eyes with your hands after working with them. Also, do not ingest it; it can harm your organs. Washing hands is a must.
  • If you accidentally swallow epoxy, drink a lot of water but don’t make yourself vomit. Hardeners are corrosive and can get worse if you try to puke them out. Contact Poison Control or a doctor right away. Consult the SDS for the product for first aid instructions.


So, to sum it up, you can use a hair dryer or a blow dryer to make the drying process faster. However, remove the dryer immediately if you notice any bubbling or cracking. Also, ensure what kind of epoxy you use and how it reacts to heat. Use the precautions and build your project safely.

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