How To Perform Cross-Browser Testing With LambdaTest?

Browsers battle for market share in today’s world. It is our responsibility to provide an end-user experience that is consistently great across a wide range of browsers and devices. Cross-browser testing is the life raft that helps us identify the errors, bugs, and other issues when our web application is rendered onto different browsers, devices, … Read more

Top 9 Benefits of Test Automation

To be successful in the digital market, each website or app must deliver a bug-free customer experience across every device, browser (just for web pages), and operating system. However, as websites and applications get more sophisticated, manual testing becomes a hard and time-consuming effort. In the current scenario, software testers are looking for different practices … Read more

5 Tips For Building Personal And Business Development Networks

Networking is an important part of personal development as well as professional development. Building a strong network of professional contacts can be a major asset in achieving personal and professional success. Connecting with other professionals, sharing resources, and expanding your knowledge base can help you reach your goals. By developing strong relationships with other professionals, … Read more

Which Is Better, Monero or Bitcoin?

Two of the most widely used cryptocurrencies in circulation today are Bitcoin and Monero. Bitcoin (BTC) was the first cryptocurrency, and its introduction sparked a global phenomenon. Bitcoin is a revolutionary concept because it allows anybody, not just governments, to create their own global money. Its developer, Satoshi Nakamoto, may have been a person or … Read more

40 Employee Engagement Questions that you need to ask in 2022

We’re currently living through a challenging era for employee retention. Just when it seemed that the “Great Resignation” was finally coming to a close, the phenomenon known as “Quiet Quitting” began to trend. As employees continue to reevaluate their choices and work-life balance in a post-pandemic world, organizations need to prioritize employee engagement like never … Read more

Is S&P Global a Fortune 500 company?

Fortune 500 is the global list of the top 500 companies in the United States by total revenue. You’re likely familiar with many of the Fortune 500 companies that have become household names. I mean, who hasn’t heard of some of the biggest brands in the U.S.: Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and other household name companies? But … Read more