Warren Buffett’s views on Day Trading

Warren Buffett is a renowned investor and one of the world’s richest man, and his opinion on investing is highly respected and heeded. Buffett & Day Trading He has famously said that “Day trading is speculation, not investing.” This is because day traders buy and sell stocks in the hopes of making a quick profit, … Read more

List of Top Solar Panel Manufacturers in India

Solar Panel

Considering increasing electricity rates and relatively low solar panel prices and supporting governmental aid for solar panel installations, purchasing solar panels is even more profitable across many regions of India. There thus has been a surge of demand of solar panels in India. Are you also looking for some reputable solar panel manufacturers in India? … Read more

Does Elon Musk Watch Anime?

Multi- Billionaire, Philanthropist, and Entrepreneur Elon Musk is a jack of all trades. He is the founder and the CEO of SpaceX and the CEO of Tesla. Elon Musk is a centi-billionaire and the richest man as of November 2021, with his net worth over 280 billion dollars. Elon Musk grew up in South Africa and … Read more

Is Xborder Ecommerce Legit or Scam?

Ecommerce website

Xborder Ecommerce is a China-based company that claims to ship goods worldwide. In this article, we have disclosed some shady aspects of the website gathered through research. Read it carefully to understand what exactly happens when you order products from this website. Xborder Ecommerce is one of those e-commerce websites that has surfaced on social … Read more

The Best Foot Doctors in Brooklyn

foot doctors

Podiatry is a practice that focuses on assessing and treating foot and ankle issues such as infected toenails, fractures, warts, rough or cracked heels, blisters, sprains, sports accidents, and so many other problems. If you are suffering from any foot issues, you should see a podiatrist immediately. Following is the list of foot doctors in … Read more

Interesting 10-minute Presentation Topics

10-minute presentation topics

A PowerPoint presentation is a tool used by professionals and students to convey their ideas. Whether you are presenting via ppt for the first time or not, it might seem daunting. Picking the right topic might be even more challenging. You must choose the topic that is most appropriate for you and can best convey … Read more

6 Fun Ways to Introduce Yourself on Zoom

Virtual meeting

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in a zoom session? Many individuals feel quite self-conscious just before they log in, whether for a work conference or a virtual date. You must have heard the phrase “positive energy attracts people.” Therefore, you should have some amusing introductions on hand to guarantee that your next online conversation begins … Read more