Interesting 10-minute Presentation Topics

10-minute presentation topics

A PowerPoint presentation is a tool used by professionals and students to convey their ideas. Whether you are presenting via ppt for the first time or not, it might seem daunting. Picking the right topic might be even more challenging. You must choose the topic that is most appropriate for you and can best convey … Read more

6 Fun Ways to Introduce Yourself on Zoom

Virtual meeting

Do you ever feel uncomfortable in a zoom session? Many individuals feel quite self-conscious just before they log in, whether for a work conference or a virtual date. You must have heard the phrase “positive energy attracts people.” Therefore, you should have some amusing introductions on hand to guarantee that your next online conversation begins … Read more

5 Creative ways to introduce yourself in a presentation

Introduce yourself in a presentation

In today’s business world, giving a presentation, whether to a small or big audience, is fairly usual. Individuals could be called upon to provide specialized presentations, like a business plan, a marketing strategy, or the findings of an analytical study. Whatever the topic, it’s critical to start with an interesting introduction to pique the audience’s … Read more

Is Kickstarter legit?

Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter has helped raise funds for some of the most innovative products in the world, including Oculus Rift. But do you really believe that all the money raised through Kickstarter goes to the projects you support? Does Kickstarter have the best interest of backers at heart? Or is it a scam? You might … Read more

Structure of a PR Agency

Structure of a PR Agency

Are you looking to understand the basic structure of a PR agency? The world of PR agencies can be confusing, especially if you are someone looking in from the outside world. Here we have provided a basic structure of a PR agency and what various people do in the firm. We will tackle the most … Read more