Which Is Better, Monero or Bitcoin?

Two of the most widely used cryptocurrencies in circulation today are Bitcoin and Monero. Bitcoin (BTC) was the first cryptocurrency, and its introduction sparked a global phenomenon. Bitcoin is a revolutionary concept because it allows anybody, not just governments, to create their own global money. Its developer, Satoshi Nakamoto, may have been a person or … Read more

How to report Stolen Cryptocurrency?

Despite being based on a very safe and secure blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency segment is often rocked by news of scams and frauds. Many investors in the past had lost money to scammers, and the worst part is that investors are clueless about what to do once theory are duped with their money. Even in … Read more

Is Cryptocurrency Legal in Germany?

With every day passing by, the total number of investors investing in crypto is increasing at a rampant rate. Till November 2021, records say more than 103 countries have legalized the use of cryptocurrency in their country.  Is cryptocurrency legal in Germany? Let us explore further to get an answer to all our queries. Is … Read more

A Complete Guide To Earning Free Cardano

Cardano is a blockchain network with ADA native coin to facilitate transactions on its open ledger network. The blockchain project aims to revolutionize the crypto world by offering rapid transaction ability to users. To achieve this swift capability, Cardano has adopted the Proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism rather than the proof-of-work (PoW) used by leading blockchain … Read more

What Happened to Siacoin? Is it Dead?

Siacoin (SC) is the native cryptocurrency of the Sia network and can be considered one of the most significant contributors to the decentralized finance (Defi) space. If you are considering investing in the Sia blockchain and wondering whether or not it would be a good investment or even doubtful about its returns, well, you are … Read more

Who is the Founder of Dogelon Mars?

Without a clear roadmap and scaling plan, it is difficult for a cryptocurrency to attract investors. Dogelon Mars doesn’t have any such issue as the official website of the digital currency clearly describes the project while constantly updating essential metrics to help users and investors remain up-to-date. Who founded Dogelon Mars?   Like many other … Read more

Earn free Stellar (XLM) from genuine Stellar Faucets

Stellar is a blockchain-based financial system that aims to provide cost-effectively transaction mechanisms to financial institutions. The native cryptocurrency of the network is XLM and its open-source nature truly reflects the democratic nature of the payment system. Can I Earn Free Stellar? It is important to understand that like any other field, one needs to … Read more

Top Five Free Bitcoin Mining Sites in 2022

The rising demand and prominence of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, has made digital coins an attractive financial investment avenue. You can either buy the Bitcoin from the cryptocurrency exchange by making a payment or get the Bitcoin in exchange for the products/services rendered by you. There’s another way Bitcoin can be earned, and that’s called mining … Read more