My 30th Birthday Speech For Myself

Are you searching for a sample speech for your 30th birthday? You’re in the right place. We’ve created a sample speech for your birthday so you can see how it’s done and how to write your own. “Dear Me, 30 years of living on this planet. I did not know I’d come this far. Well, … Read more

What Are The 12 Colors Of a Rainbow?

A Rainbow is one of the most beautiful naturally occurring phenomena in nature; it is the most mesmerizing and magnificent display of nature. In the early times, rainbows were part of many mythological tales; it was considered a positive omen occurring in nature. Some scientists also believe that rainbows exist on Titan, the moon of … Read more

10 Smart Rules for Giving Constitutive Feedback that Does Not Kill Motivation!

Constructive criticism has become an integral part of today’s corporate world. If given right, it can serve as a great tool to motivate your team members to raise their performance standards. This thoughtful feedback is delivered in a way that balances negative and positive points. In today’s competitive world, there are many employees who want … Read more

How many soaked almonds to eat in a day?

Soaked Almonds

Have your elders ever advised you to eat soaked almonds and give them to your developing child? You’ve probably also heard that you have eaten soaked almonds during their formative years and hence are smart as a whip. Or if someone is getting forgetful, they should be fed soaked almonds for a good memory. So, … Read more

Is laughter an emotion or just a human response?

Whenever you listen to people laughing, you usually imagine them having an interesting conversation with a buddy that made them laugh. And there are good chances that the sound of laughter can make you grin or perhaps even burst out laughing.  However, the question arises, “Is Laughter an Emotion?” But prior to this, let’s discuss … Read more

What is intrinsic motivation in sports?

intrinsic motivation in sports

Motivation is an inner force that drives our thinking, emotions, and communication with others, as well as all other elements of our behavior. In sports, great motivation is generally regarded as a necessary condition for players to grow and thrive. The act of performing without any external incentives is known as intrinsic motivation. This type … Read more

How To Make Your Sister Happy?

Every relation is significant in our life in one way or another, whether it is a relationship with our parents, friends, siblings, or others. The relationship between siblings is always one of the most wonderful and complicated one. One minute you might be fighting, and the next minute you are giggling on some random thing. … Read more