Miracle Experiences of Hanuman Chalisa

What Is Hanuman Chalisa? “After cleansing the mirror of my mind and my heart with the dirt of my Guru’s feet, I recite the divine prominence of Shri Raghuveer, the greatest king of the Ragukul dynasty. It would bestow the four-fold fruits of life (Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha). “ The Hanuman Chalisa This paragraph isn’t … Read more

Is Laughter A Sign Of Attraction

Laughter not only makes you look beautiful, but it is seen as a sign of attraction. It is one of the best feelings that help you get over a blue day or when you are feeling sad. Most commonly, Laughter is seen as an auditory expression of positive emotional states like Joy, Happiness, Relief, etc. … Read more

Gayatri Mantra Miracle Stories

Gayatri mantra is one of the oldest and most potent Vedic mantras known to the Hindu culture. A mantra or a mantram is a sacred sound, a syllable, word or phonemes, or a group of words in Sanskrit and other languages believed by practitioners to have religious powers. Gayatri Mantra, also known as the Savitri … Read more

Order of the Colors in a Rainbow

order of the colors in a rainbow

Rainbows are something we are always taught about in our classrooms from the very beginning. Whether it is in our elementary classrooms where we learn different colors or in our physics classes in middle school where we observe the Prism Rainbow experiments. The point here is, that we have all seen, heard, or learned about … Read more

3 Minute Presentation Ideas

For many people, public speaking and giving a presentation are intimidating, although there are many ways you can overcome this fear and excel at any presentation. The main goal of a presentation is to be precise and to the point. The best way to excel in short presentations is to choose a topic that can … Read more

Famous 5 Minute Speeches

Giving a speech is seen as a move of power. The motive behind it is to persuade and inspire your audience. In the process of writing a long speech, you can cover many elaborative points, but while writing a short speech, your motive and the ideas behind it should be to the end and precise. Effective … Read more

Is Laughter Good for the Soul?

Laughter is the Language of Soul. It is one of the best medicine which helps you get over a blue day or sad feelings. Most commonly, laughter is seen as an auditory expression of positive emotional states like joy, happiness, relief, etc. By laughing, we release stress hormones and make way for calmness and relief. … Read more

A Birthday Speech for Myself

A Birthday Speech for Myself

Birthdays are very special days around the world. It marks the beginning of a new life, year, a change in your parents’ lives, and is significant to many, in other ways. Birthdays are a day where others come and celebrate your life. However, what many of us often fail to do, is celebrate our own … Read more


is teamwork a value

Teamwork is something we usually expect everyone around us to inherently have and hence never look at it as a value. In fact, when we introspect our behavior we all just assume that we are perfect team players. However, this may not be true. While some people are born with an inherent nature that makes … Read more