Is Rainbow a Colour?

Nature is the most beautiful, giving, and mesmerizing part of the universe. The most splendid creation that occurs in nature is a Rainbow. A Rainbow is one of the most beautiful naturally occurring phenomena in nature. In the early times, rainbows were part of many mythological tales; it was considered a positive omen occurring in … Read more

What is Sean Parker Doing Now & Where is he?

Sean Parker, a renowned entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is a well-known individual in the tech realm. His roots are in Herndon, Virginia, United States. He started his journey with music sharing company Napster and gained popularity when he was appointed the founding president of Facebook. Later, he invested in Spotify and made a huge chunk … Read more

Master Mason: Details of Being A Master Mason

Freemasons or Masons refers to those men who have joined the fraternity organization. A fraternity organization is a society, a fraternal order consisting of male members for secular aims. Fraternity as a concept was developed primarily due to Christianity and the special religious orders of the Catholic Church during the middle ages. Masonry and Masons … Read more

All about Masonic Handshakes

Masonic Handshake

The process of grabbing and shaking the other person’s hand is known as a handshake. Handshakes are typically considered as a mark of respect since they signify the establishing of a special relationship or a partnership.  In this post we will discuss the many types of “freemason handshake.” Masonic handshake meaning: The Masonic Handshake is … Read more

What do Masons Do?

The purpose of this article is to discuss “What do Masons do?” and the numerous responsibilities of a Mason when he joins the community. Gradually when he advances through the degrees, he is given additional duties that make him strive to be a better person and live an ideal life.  But before that, let’s briefly … Read more

Freemasons in the United States of America

The Masonic community has had a great impact on American civilization since its foundation. In fact did you know the eye above the pyramid on a dollar bill represents a Masonic symbol. The pyramid emblem is renowned in Secret societies history as a depiction of God’s vision looking over humankind. Let us discuss the Masons … Read more

Gay themed Hallmark Movies

Hallmark Movies is a Media Family Networks Subscription video-on-demand service. It is a streaming service. Hallmark Movies was launched in October 2017, which offers various feel-good and unique programs. These services are available to users of different platforms like iOS, Android, Roku, and Amazon Fire. Users can avail of these services with monthly or annual … Read more

Who invented Pickles, and when?

Pickled cucumbers

Short Anwer: Pickles were brought into existence by ancient Mesopotamians more than 4,000 years ago. Pickles are one of the most appealing side dishes, which are crunchy, juicy, and flavourful. From picking the best ingredients to meticulously prepping it, from cutting to coating it with spices, and ultimately waiting for the pickle to be ripe, … Read more

Are Monkey Nuts Unhealthy? Myths and Truths

Monkey Nuts

First and foremost, let us break the myth that monkey nuts do not fall in the nut category! Yes, you read that right. Peanuts are a kind of legume that is cultivated underground. These are classified as groundnuts and are a common a snack item across the world. Some people like eating it, while others … Read more

A Smoker’s lungs after 10 years

Smoking is an addiction, a danger to your health and the well-being of your loved ones. Smoking is a drug, which most people can’t seem to escape even if it they know, is the most dangerous for your health.  According to a study done by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) 34.1 million adults are … Read more