CN Tower vs Burj Khalifa

tallest building

CN Tower and Burj Khalifa are considered among the tallest buildings in the world. These buildings hold a significant essence attached to them. Among CN Tower and Burj Khalifa, Burj Khalifa has acquired the stature of the tallest building in the world. These tall buildings, or skyscrapers are among the top tourist attractions around the … Read more

Humber Bridge vs Golden Gate


Humber Bridge vs. Golden Gate is an interesting comparison to evaluate. Hummer Bridge and Golden Gate are two of the the longest suspension bridges in the world. The suspension bridge is a bridge that has its roadway suspended from two or more cables, usually passing over towers and securely anchored at the ends. It would … Read more

X Seed 4000 VS Burj Khalifa

x seed 4000 vs burj khalifa

It’s basic human nature to compare two things and reach the ultimate conclusion just for the sake of his knowledge. And this regular burst of comparing two things enhances our knowledge and teaches us something. So, today this article will be comparing two gigantic skyscrapers, so with no further delay, let’s dive straight into it. … Read more

Is food expensive in Aruba?


Food delicacies are among the top things that would inspire and excite you to explore different countries, cities, and their cuisines and culture. One thing we all look forward to trying when traveling is food, to experience a different culture altogether. But sometimes we stick to the basics because of the budget. Today we will … Read more

Will the world end in 2038?

is the world going to end in 2038

This year wasn’t what we expected it to be. We went from making some of the best plans of our lives to just sitting at home and streaming movies, which, in fact, was a great bummer. And the sudden outbreak of such a deadly virus planted a seed of fear inside our heads, all of … Read more

Will the world end in 2027?

world end in 2027

Will the Earth be destroyed by 2027 as predicted? Will the world end in 2027? There is a belief that 2027 marks the end of the world, but this is NOT TRUE. Why do we say that? Read on to find out. Is the world going to end in 2027? What’s the real story? Here’s … Read more

What happens if you stop relaxing your hair?

what will happen if i stop relaxing my hair

As weird as this may sound, to many of us who are not familiar with terms related to hair treatment, relaxing your hair does not mean giving it a good time or massaging it. What is Hair relaxing? Hair relaxation is a chemical treatment given to your hair to relax it from its curls. Thus, … Read more

Can Hand Sanitizer Stain Clothes? How to Avoid It?

Can Hand Sanitizer Stain Clothes? How to Avoid It?

Despite what people think, hand sanitizers don’t really stain clothes. However, you see this stain on your dress after spilling hand sanitizer over it. What is it? Keep scrolling and I’ll explain it to you. I’ll be covering the following sections in this article: Can hand sanitizer ruin clothes? Which fabrics have the highest damage … Read more

Is Instacart a Public Company?

Is Instacart a Public Company?

Is Instacart a public company? No, it is not. Shocking right!! It seems to be making news everywhere and competing successfully with well established brands. What is Instacart’s status? Instacart is a highly profitable private company located in USA. Their headquarters is in San Francisco, California. It works tremendously well in supply of grocery items … Read more