Power Strip vs Extension Cord

A power strip and an extension cord are the go-to tools for people when they require additional outlets to power electronics. When discussing electrical accessories, it is simple to interchange common items such as an extension cord and a power strip. However, both these devices are slightly different in various forms. They may appear similar … Read more

Where Does Palmer Luckey Live

Are you wondering where does Palmer Luckey live? Palmer was born in California in Long Beach on 19th September 1992. He was born to Donald and Julie, his father was a salesman of cars and his mom was a homemaker. Luckey was homeschooled along with his sisters. Luckey’s Childhood As a kid, Luckey enjoyed tinkering … Read more

Where Is Sal Khan From

Are you wondering where is Sal Khan from and where does Sal Khan live now? Well, continue reading to know more about Sal Khan. Where is Sal Khan from Sal Khan was born in 1976 in New Orleans. His father, Jamal Khan was from Bangladesh and he was a pediatrician. His mother, Mahooda was from … Read more