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Oral B Electric Toothbrushes Charging Times


Oral B Electric Toothbrushes Charging Times

While buying electric-based products, people are not sure about their charging time. Similar is the case with the range of Oral B electric toothbrushes. A typical user is always left to wonder how long the toothbrush should be charged, how long the charge lasts, when to recharge, etc. Let us explore the answers.

Oral B Electric Toothbrushes Charging Times

Note: All Oral B toothbrushes except the Vitality series have a charging indicator. If the indicator lights up as green, the device is fully charged and ready to use. of the BrushCharging Time (till fully charged)Charge Lasting
1.Oral B Braun14 to 22 hours5 days
2.Oral B Vitality16 hours5 days
3.Oral B Pro 60016 hours7 days
4.Oral B Pro 50022 hours7 days
5.Oral B Pro 100022 hours7 days
6.Oral B Pro 200022 hours7 days
7.Oral B Pro 2 250012 hours7 days
8.Oral B 100022 hours7 days
9.Oral B Vitality 10016 hours8 days
10.Oral B Pro 2 200012 hours14 days
11.Oral B Genius 900012 hours14 days
12.Oral B Pro 65016 hours14 days
13.Oral B 400022 hours10 days
14.Oral B Pro 400022 hours7 days
15.Oral B 500022 hours10 days
16.Oral B 600022 hours12 days
17.Oral B 900012 hours12 days
18.Oral B 700022 hours10 days
19.Oral B Pro 75022 hours7-8 days

How long should you leave the Oral B toothbrush on charge?

  • An Oral-B electric toothbrush takes approximately 14-20 hours to charge fully. To get the most out of your next buy from the Oral-B brand, please remember that it’s essential to fully charge the product before using it for the first time.
  • Also, whenever you charge your brush, charge it completely and only when the charge is at about 10%, plug it in again.


These are the charging time of the most popular Oral B electric brushes, and if you go by the charging duration, you might extend the battery life. The best way to boost any electronic device’s health is to follow a healthy charging routine, a complete charge & discharge cycle, avoid overcharging, and you are all set.

For more information or service-related queries about your toothbrush, visit Bran’s website.

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