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Cheapest Night Vision Binoculars


Cheapest Night Vision Binoculars

Are you looking for the cheapest night vision binoculars? Here we have listed the four best and cheapest night vision binoculars.

Night vision binoculars are useful for security, during hunting, when conducting search and rescue missions, and other outdoor activities during nighttime. For many years, only the army had access to night vision goggles but now they are extremely common.

Here we have compared and reviewed the cheapest night vision binoculars available online.

1. Pulsar Challenger 1+ Night Monocular

If you do not want to break your bank, then a monocular may be a cheaper option than a binocular. Monoculars are available at half the cost of a binocular. Pulsar Challenger Monocular is one such night vision monocular. It is cheaper than other night vision goggles but provides equally impressive performance.


Source: amazon


  • Better resolution when compared to Gen 1 binoculars.
  • Cheaper than other night vision binoculars.
  • Long-range of detection.
  • Magnification – 4.5x
  • Simple to use and lightweight.


  • The field of view is limited.

2. ATN Night Vision Binoculars

This is a great choice if you want Gen 3 night vision equipment that is military-grade. This binocular is also cheaper than the Armasight Alpha goggles. The ATN PVS7-3 Goggles have amazing resolution and a huge field of view and can be used for many outdoor activities including security, hunting, and stargazing.


Source: amazon


  • Amazing resolution.
  • Military-grade rugged design.
  • Versatile.
  • A huge field of view.


  • Costs more than most Gen 2 binoculars.

3. Bushnell Equinox Night Vision Z2 6×50 Monocular

The Equinox Monocular is sold by Bushnell which offers a 6x magnification which is more than most monoculars. It also has a good light gathering feature in a 50mm lens. It is Wi-Fi enabled which lets you live stream all the footage to your phone and control image capture, zoom, and IR brightness through your phone as well.

It has a built-in illuminator that lets you see long-range items easily during the night as well as day. It has a video capture feature of a 1080P HD variety. This monocular is a good choice even if it is a little heavier than other monoculars in its range.


Source- Amazon


  • Built-in IR illuminator
  • You can magnify subjects that are more than 1000 feet away.


  • No batteries provided.
  • The battery can be over quickly due to IR light.
  • Not very comfortable to handle.

4. Yukon NVMT 5×60 Spartan Night Vision Monocular

This monocular is perfect for when you need a light-gathering lens that is portable. This monocular has a huge 60mm lens with 5x magnification and an infrared illuminator. You can easily view using this monocular in not only a low light environment but also in absolute darkness. It has a rubber coating that repels dust and moisture and provides a firm grip.


Source: amazon


  • Well- Built.
  • Good specifications
  • Huge 60mm objective lens
  • Easy to use


  • Battery required
  • The rubberized exterior makes it bulky.
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