How to Connect Alexa To WiFi Without A Phone

After you buy your Alexa device, the first task is to connect it to your WiFi Network. Hence, if you change the WiFi network or attempt to use the Alexa device in a place that has another WiFi network, the device will simply not work. Here is how to connect Alexa to wifi without a phone.

If this is the first time you are setting up the Alexa device, and you do not have its app on your phone, then you can still connect it to your WiFi network using your laptop or computer.

Does Alexa Require WiFi?

  • Alexa devices require a connection to WiFi to be able to function.
  • When you utilize a voice command or ask a question to Alexa then that audio recording is sent using the WiFi network to Amazon’s cloud.
  • That is then processed and sent back to the Alexa device also using WiFi. This is how Alexa fulfills requests and answers questions.

How to Connect Alexa To WiFi Without A Phone

  • If you want to connect your Alexa device to your WiFi network without a phone, then you must sign in on
  • Click on Settings, select Set Up a device, and choose your device.
  • Turn on pairing mode on Alexa and connect it to your Wifi Network. Then select your network and enter the password.
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Here are 12 steps on How to Connect Alexa To WiFi Without A Phone

1. Open your browser and go to the website – You can use Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox, or any browser you like for this.

2. Now log in to your Amazon account. Enter your password and username for Amazon. You will have to make a new account if you do not already have an Amazon Account. You can choose the Create a New Amazon Account option at the window’s bottom.


3. Choose settings. The left side of the window will have a sidebar that will have the option of Settings. If you cannot see it, then zoom on the page or expand the window of the browser.


4. Choose Set Up a New Device

Set up a new device

5. Choose your Alexa device to connect it to the WiFi network. There are many options and you can scroll down until you find your device.

Set up a new device

6. Select Continue.

7. Then Plug the Alexa device into any power source.

8. You must wait until the ring light becomes orange.

9. Connect to a network with Amazon-XXX as a format. Don’t close your browser but go to your computer’s WiFi Network. You should be able to see your network listed among WiFi networks.

10. Return to the browser and select Continue. After your WiFi connection is secure, a window will appear announcing your laptop or computer is connected to the Alexa Device.

11. Choose the network you want your Alexa to be connected to. Enter your password and connect.

12. Now all you have to do is wait for your device to connect to the WiFi network. After it is connected, you can check the connection by asking Alexa anything.

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