Cost to Repipe your House with PEX

Hardly anything goes on forever, even your house’s plumbing. The piping slowly rusts and degrades over time. If your home’s pipes are significantly broken, a simple repair isn’t usually enough to stop leakage. A significant pipe leak may sometimes be rectified by replumbing a home.

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The usual cost of repiping your house with pex ranges from $3200 to $7500 in 3 bedroom houses, but the price depends on a lot of factors.

What is the average cost to replumb the house with PEX?

House sizePEX Reping costCopper Repiping Cost
Small 1-bathroom home$1600-$2800$2000-$3500
3-Bed, 2-1/2-Bathroom, 2-story house$3200-$7500$4000-$9375

PEX pipe costs anywhere from $0.50 to $2 per foot . Copper pipe is 20-25% more expensive than pex pipes. If your home is roughly 1500 square feet, the cost of installing PEX plumbing might vary between a few thousand dollars, say $2500, to around $15,000 for extensive work.

An exact calculation would be determined by analyzing the place, amount of work, number of bathrooms, laundry room space, the quantity of materials to be used, etc.

Factors Determining the Cost to replumb a House:

The cost of repiping a home depends on a range of factors. Below are a few of the important considerations:

The Area of the house- 

The cost will increase if you have a big house that requires more pipes to replace compared to smaller homes.

Placement of Defective Pipes-

The position of broken pipes significantly influences the cost of replumbing a property. Failing pipes in enclosed spaces such as water or sewer lines that run under the walls in your toilets, rooms, or kitchen, will cost more to replumb. Because these pipes are difficult to access, a professional will need a bit more time to remove the existing decayed pipes.

The Procedure for Replacing Water Pipes-

Repairing or replacing pipework in a home can be done in a variety of ways. Physically uninstalling corroded pipes and installing new pipes, along with constructing underground tunnels, is a time-consuming and costly technique of replacing pipes; however, trenchless technology can assist speed up the procedure and lower total expenses.

Replacement Pipe Material-

Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX), Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC), and Copper are a few common sorts of pipes installed in homes. PEX pipework is affordable to repipe than copper piping as it is more flexible and is easier for a technician to install.

Scope of replacement work-

In the case of apartments, many plumbing contractors may offer a reasonable price if they replace noticeable pipework rather than those concealed behind walls and beneath floors. In the case of big homes that contain old pipes, this is not always practicable because the lead is hazardous and must be changed as quickly as possible.

Advantages of replacing the old pipework with PEX Pipes:

  • For domestic use, it’s highly adaptable and robust.
  • Available at reasonable rates in comparison with copper pipe.
  • Installing it is really simple and uncomplicated.

Disadvantages of replacing the old pipework with PEX Pipes:

  • Not ideal for use in direct sunlight or UV rays.
  • Measurements might be thrown off if the pipe is compressed or expanded.
  • Chewing on PEX pipes by rodents or other critters may lead to leakages in the pipework.

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