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How much does it cost to install a subwoofer and amp in cars?


How much does it cost to install a subwoofer and amp in cars?

We all want our car rides to be fun and relaxing, even if it’s just a quick one to the nearby shopping center or dropping kids at school. With that being said, subwoofers and amplifiers have become a norm for many of us. It feels like an ultimate upgrade and a means to make your car stand out.  

When paired with an amp, subwoofers are an enhanced audio output device that amplifies sound waves and signals. But the question is, how much does such an installation charge? But that is not an easy answer. The cost calculations of such a service depend on various factors.

Price of installing a subwoofer and amp in cars:

On average, the basic installation fee is between 15,000 INR to 20,000 INR. However, the cost can go up to 30,000 INR for complicated car models and systems. The installation is a package of setting up the subwoofers, amplifier, and the required wiring. 

  • The amount is worth it as installing an amplifier and its components properly are tricky and complicated.
  • Even though a simple mistake or glitch may not be noticeable as your subwoofers will be running well. However, it could seriously damage your car if installed incorrectly.
  • Further, subwoofers are enormous, and car mechanics charge more if they are to be seated in the vehicle’s ‘difficult-to-reach’ areas. 

Remember, the price of installing the components does not include the cost of purchasing the same. You are needed to buy subwoofers and amplifiers separately as per your sound requirements and suitability to the vehicle. We advise you to research the car stereo, supporting models, and locality, search for the ones new to the car audio and look for extra bass to your music. 

Factors Influencing the cost of installation of a subwoofer and amp in cars:

The two significant factors that affect the installation price are Size and type. Based on the complexity of the audio system and the type of vehicle, the veteran will quote a varying cost. Further, you will find a differentiated price in different cities and regions based on the standard labor pay per hour. 

How to save on the cost of istallation? 

Another great way to save on the part of the expenses is to find a place where they offer you the purchase of the components and installation as a package, as it usually tends to be cheaper. Also, sometimes paying a little extra to ensure the system is set up well will help you save a lot of money in the long run that you will be bound to pay for upgrades and systems defaults. 


  • Don’t get attracted by the cheap services. The services may be cheap but they can degrade the quality because of the lower cost. This can cause serious damage to your car.
  • Also, check the installation cost with different vendors to get a fair price.

To wind up, remember it’s a hectic job for any professional, and a premium subwoofer requires a premium amp, leading to a more complicated set-up. The entire installation cost depends on your products, and while some may choose to do it on their own, it’s better to have an experienced guide. 

Also, check how to keep the radio on when the car is turned off.

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