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Is Digital Business Kickstarted Legit Or A Scam?

is digital business kickstarted legit


Is Digital Business Kickstarted Legit Or A Scam?

What would you think about Digital Business Kickstarted, a company that promises easy ways to make money? If you are like many people who are confused about such schemes, you would have many questions: What exactly is this program? Is it legit or a scam? Is it worth the investment? Can it make you money?

This article gives you an unbiased opinion of this platform to help you decide whether you should trust this program.

Is It A Legit Business, Or Is It A Scam?

The website’s sales copy claims that it will help you copy someone’s blueprint to becoming a millionaire with different online methods. However, Digital Business Kickstarted is a funnel that leads to a scam. What makes them seem scammy is that they keep changing their sales video every once in a while.

When you click on their CTA button, you will be redirected to a low-quality sales program, which is strange.

What does this mean?

This means that there is nothing called Digital Business Kickstarted. It is another way to promote low-quality affiliate programs for making money online.

How Does Digital Business Kickstarted Work?

As stated earlier, Digital Business Kickstarted promotes affiliate products. Digital Business Kickstarted is a “funnel” that directs you toward the scam Website ATM. Many people publish reviews and expose online scams as soon as they launch. Those who read the reviews and decide not to join are prevented from being taken advantage of.

For this reason, scammers often create small “bridge pages” under other names, precisely what Digital Business Kickstarted is. When it comes to the Website ATM scam, the scammer makes you believe that you will easily make money, asks you to send your money, and then leaves you to discover that it is not what it seems.

Also, the “training” they offer is completely useless. It’s more of a way for them to get money from you than it is to help you.

Why Is Digital Business Kickstarted Not Legit?

There are various factors that put the legitimacy of this program to the test.

Here are some of them:

1. There is no clear owner of the website. In one of the videos, they show Jeff Lerner to be the founder. However, that video is taken from a different program by that founder.

2. They use shady tactics to promote low-quality programs.

3. There are no important links on the homepage, like Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

4. They do not have any clarity about their refund policy.

Final Takeaway

While the platform does lead you to affiliate programs that can generate income, they are not completely honest about their program. There are other similar platforms out there that help you generate money for real. Considering this fact, using this website wastes time and money.

So, Digital Business Kickstarted is a scam.

 Digital Business Kickstarted

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