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DJI FPV Battery Life


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For the last few years, first-person view, or FPV, drones seem to be a significant trend in the drone business. The fastest-growing commercial drone manufacturer, DJI, has now joined the party with its first FPV drone. It also has all of the safety systems that you would want from a DJI drone, enabling complete beginners to fly around safely and confidently right away.

Intelligent Flight Battery features:

The FPV battery is a 22.2V, 2000 mAh battery with amazing features like:

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DJI FPV drone battery life:

The DJI FPV drone has a battery life or flying time of 20 minutes. It has a sophisticated battery system built in that monitors the charge in real-time for even more worry-free trips. The required time for a full battery charge is 50 minutes.

The DJI FPV battery time:

What to do when “Intelligent Flight Battery needs maintenance” prompts?

The basic issue is that even intelligent drone batteries require maintenance. When they do, the message “Intelligent Flight Battery needs maintenance” will pop up on your FPV goggles.

If this happens, the foremost thing you should do is begin Return to Home (RTH) or land quickly. Then, take the following actions:

These steps should take care of it. However, if the maintenance notification in the goggles persists, follow the instructions above again. DJI advises that you follow these procedures every three months or following 50 charging cycles, whichever happens first, for the optimum DJI FPV battery life.

Typical battery problems:

You should keep an eye out for the following frequent concerns that might jeopardize the life of your battery:

If you notice any factors mentioned above, it’s time to change/replace the battery.

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