Does Amazon Pay Balance expire?

Online Shopping is one of the most convenient modes of shopping for people who want ease in their life. Shopping platforms help us reach out to the farthermost corner shopping stores and let us buy their products with comfort and ease. Amazon, one of the biggest online shopping giants, is a multinational technology company. Amazon delivers ease and flexibility with its customer-centric policies. Always keen on making its customers’ lives easier and convenient, amazon introduced the hassle-free mode of payment by introducing amazon pay.

What Is Amazon Pay Balance

Amazon pay balance is the amount you load in your Amazon Pay Wallet using a credit or debit card, net banking, or UPI. One of the main advantages of using amazon pay balance is it lets you buy products hassle-free. There isn’t any need for the old lengthy checkout process where you need to go through all the bank details and issues of OTPs.Other than the ease of checking out, if you use Amazon Pay balance, you can get access to many rewards like coupons, gift cards, etc.

Does Amazon Pay Balance Expire

One of the most beneficial features of amazon pay balance is that it doesn’t have a validity period. The balance that you will load into your amazon pay account doesn’t have any expiry date; hence you can use it at your convenience.

There isn’t any validity period stated via amazon for its users for the expiry of amazon balance, however, Amazon can impose a validity period if the regulator requires it.

In India, The amazon Pay balance expires in 1 year due to a RBI regulation which prohibits amazon for holding a customers money for more than 1 year.

You will be receiving periodic reminders via emails and messages on your registered email id and mobile number before and if amazon chooses to put an expiry date on your amazon pay balance.

What Is Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a digital payment application that enables billions of amazon users to buy over 3+ crore products on its applications. Other than the Amazon app, users can make purchases of goods and services on partner apps with amazon like Swiggy, Dominos, Uber, Dream 11, Urban Company, etc. 

Using Amazon Pay is very feasible; you have to make an account on amazon and verify all your details like email id and phone number. After setting up your account, you are all set to use Amazon Pay by loading the amazon pay balance in it. But while old users may not get this difficulty, new users might have a few questions about how Amazon pay balance works? And what are its features?

Other things you should know about Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is one of the most secure and safe online payment methods present on digital platforms. Amazon Pay Balance has many features like-

  • You can add up to 1 Lakh amount to your amazon pay balance account.
  • There is a monthly limit of Rs 10,000 that can be added to your amazon pay balance account.
  • You can add money to your amazon pay balance through credit, debit card, net banking, and UPI.
  • Instant refunds and zero payment failures.
  • The validity of the amazon pay balance is for a lifetime.

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