Does Alexa Have Bluetooth?

Because of Amazon, it is very popular to own a smart speaker now. You can use your smart speaker to issue commands to your smart home by voice, you can enjoy music in multiple rooms or you can set timers while doing your tasks. You can do a lot of things with smart speakers.

The things you can do that are voice-activated are amazing but sometimes you just require a standard Bluetooth speaker and you can wonder does Alexa have Bluetooth? Yes, it does. Here, we will display how you can connect your mobile phone to Alexa to use it as a Bluetooth speaker.

Here you will learn how you can connect Echo to any Bluetooth device for audio. You can truly use this article if you have a tiny Echo Dot or you own a Bluetooth stereo that has a better sound quality that you would rather listen to music from. You can first connect your phone to Echo.

Prepare Your Phone

Before you begin with Echo, you must switch on the Bluetooth of your phone and open the pairing screen for Bluetooth.

For iPhone

  1. Open Settings, and select Bluetooth
    2. If it is not switched on, switch on Bluetooth.
    3. Find “Other Devices”, which may be at the bottom of the screen.

For Android

The process for Android is slightly different based on different manufacturers.

  1. Open Settings, then click on connections and open Bluetooth.
    2. Switch Bluetooth on if it is shut off.
    3. Select ‘ Pair new device’ or ‘scan’. Different versions of Android have different options.
    You will now see a list of devices that are near you and are available to pair.
Source: Pexel

Pair With Alexa

Now you can use the smart skills of Amazon’s Echo. You can command ‘ Alexa, Bluetooth on, ‘ or ‘Alexa, Pair.’ and it will pulse a blue light and begin to look for devices that it can pair with.

After this, Echo will showcase on your phone in the available device Bluetooth list. Select its name and confirm and finish the pairing. Now that you are connected, you can listen to any audio or music from your mobile phone through Echo. So, does Alexa have Bluetooth? Yes, it has Bluetooth and it can work just like a regular Bluetooth speaker.

Now, you can connect to your phone via your Echo whenever you desire. You can command ‘ Alexa, connect to ” your phone’s name” or you can simply say, ” Alexa, connect to phone” and it will connect.

If you want to disconnect, you can choose the option of disconnect from your phone’s Bluetooth menu. You can also command, “ Alexa, disconnect from phone.”

Connect to Another Stereo With Echo’s Bluetooth

You can use Echo to connect to any Bluetooth audio system for good audio quality. You can pair your Bluetooth speaker with Echo through the Amazon Alexa Application. You can go to ‘Devices’ and select ‘Echo and Alexa’. Choose your device and under ‘Wireless’, select ‘Bluetooth Devices’ and pair your device.

We hope we have answered your question does Alexa have Bluetooth fairly.

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