Who is the Founder of Dogelon Mars?

Without a clear roadmap and scaling plan, it is difficult for a cryptocurrency to attract investors. Dogelon Mars doesn’t have any such issue as the official website of the digital currency clearly describes the project while constantly updating essential metrics to help users and investors remain up-to-date.

Who founded Dogelon Mars?  

Like many other crypto projects, including Bitcoin, the founders of Dogelon Mars are anonymous. There is no clear information about the project’s inventors on the internet, and for now, it’s virtually impossible to predict who all have created this meme coin. However, this hasn’t stopped people from speculating the names, and top of the list is the name of Elon Musk.

Is Elon Musk Founder of Dogelon Mars?

People are associating Elon Musk with Dogelon Mars because of the name of the project, which is inspired by the name of SpaceX founder. Also, the project focuses on becoming a preferred cryptocurrency for interplanetary travel. Given that Musk is a proponent of multi-planet habitation, many speculate that Musk is behind the Dogelon Mars project.

Until now, Musk has refrained from talking about the project publicly and continued to lend his support for Dogecoin. Anyhow, if Musk voices his support for Dogelon Mars, many would see it as a shift in his loyalty from Dogecoin, which might not be a good proposition for the reputation of the world’s richest tech-tycoon.

Will we ever know the founder of Dogelon Mars?

It’s difficult to answer whether we ever get to know the founders of Dogelon Mars. This is because, like many other anonymous crypto projects, founders of Dogelon Mars are likely never to reveal their identities. This might help the project as interest and excitement about unknown founders usually bode well for the growth of crypto projects.

What is Dogelon Distribution pattern?

The founder of Dogelon Mars has already sent half of the supply of the coin (equivalent to 500 trillion) to the Ethereum blockchain network. There is no clarity yet whether the founder of Ethereum will sell his share though the move is expected to have long-term implications for the coin’s valuation. The move is similar to what the Shiba Inu does by transferring 50% of its total supply to Ethereum’s founder. 

Current Value and Ranking

  • The current value of Dogelon Mars is hovering around $0.0000006747 and according to the CoinMarketCap ranking, the cryptocurrency is ranked 129th in terms of total market capitalisation.
  • One of the major barriers that are impeding the prospects of the project is the high gas fees on Ethereum. Investors have to pay hefty fees to transact the cryptocurrency which is not a financially prudent decision.
  • Also, looking at the current status of the project, it will take rather a long time for the coin to reach the level of $0.01

Should I invest in Dogelon Mars?

There is a scope of good investment opportunities in Dogelon Mars as some of the key enablers that can help the coin to post impressive growth include its listing on various cryptocurrency exchanges and unique mission statement. The association with Musk can also propel the coin to new levels of popularity in the coming years as SpaceX gears up for its Moon Mission along with preparing for its other ambitious interplanetary projects.

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