Otterbox is a brand that has become renowned for its cases and other device accessories. Some of the quality of their products are even known to be military-grade. Otterbox products, especially their cases, are designed in such a way that it allows you to not just freely carry out your day-to-day activities but also allows to take up rigorous activities without having to worry about your phone falling down and getting damaged or shattered.

While all these features are something we all find in most marketed cases, one of the features that make Otterbox a premium brand, is their products that allow wireless charging.

Wireless charging through Otterbox cases

Now, you may think that for a phone to be secure, you would need a thick rugged case that can withstand anything and if a case is thick, you may not be able to wirelessly charge your device. Hence, you would have to choose between wireless charging and securing your phone.

However, Otterbox is able to provide your phone with both of these options. You can now have a thick-skinned phone that will ensure your phone gets minimally damaged or shattered in case of an unforeseen event, and at the same time have a case that allows you wirelessly charge your phone.

So, the answer to your basic question of “does wireless charging work through Otterbox cases”, is Yes, you can charge your device wirelessly through Otterbox cases.

does wireless charging work through otterbox

Can all wireless charging systems allow charging through otterbox cases?

Some people may worry that some Otterbox cases may not work well with the wireless charging systems they have. This is a worry you can put to rest, as most wireless charging systems work well for the Otterbox cases.

Here are three wireless charging systems that work best with the Otterbox cases:

But, if you are someone who has an Otterbox case and is unable to charge your phone wirelessly, you can try the Otterspot, which is a wireless charger system by the brand Otterbox. Click HERE to check it now.

Do I need to remove my case to wirelessly charge my device?

No, the Otterbox cases are designed in such a way that you need not remove your phone case to charge your phones. If your phone is not charging well with your current wireless charging system, try removing the case as some wireless systems may not be compatible with the case, however, this rarely occurs.

In conclusion Otterbox cases allows you to wirelessly charge your device and at the same time secure your devices and keep them safe from damages. Your phone type, brand, and your wireless charging systems play a part in ensuring a smooth charging experience, hence research well before you buy anything.

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