Does Elon Musk Respond To Emails?

You’ve heard the stories: Elon Musk doesn’t respond to emails. But what if he does? How responsive is he? We decided to find out.

Just over a year ago, we set out on an epic journey. We wanted to know if Elon Musk responded to an email. At the time, we weren’t even sure he had an email address and didn’t know anybody who could ask him. But we knew there was one place that would have the answers — the SpaceX careers page!

How did we find Elon Musk’s email and contact him?

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The billionaire entrepreneur is well known for his many talents, including an investor, tycoon, social media celebrity, engineer, industrial designer, and business magnate. Innovation and growth have enabled him to co-found and start some of the world’s best companies. Some leading ones are Tesla, OpenAI, The Boring Company, SpaceX, and Neuralink.

We tried to contact Musk via Email IDs like [email protected], or [email protected] found on his company’s websites. We sent him an email on these different email addresses hoping he would respond. He is an inspiration for many, and his response was eagerly awaited.

To be clear, we didn’t send one email to Elon Musk and hope for the best. We sent five different emails over weeks, none of which received a response.

But don’t let our lack of success deter you from sending your message to Mr Musk (who knows, you could get lucky). Your message might grab his attention and triggers a response. Make sure you don’t send just any old email; send something worthy of his time.

Other Ways to Contact Elon Musk

You can also try other innovative ways to contact him. Not all methods need to fail if one method fails. Some of these ways are:

  1. Write a physical letter and deliver it to the official address of his company.
  2. Send him a tweet on Twitter. @elonmusk
  3. Contact him through Facebook. ElonMusk – Home | Facebook
  4. His Instagram profile is also active. @elonmusk • Instagram photos and videos.

Check how this 7-year-old got a response from Elon Musk to a letter she wrote.


We hope that you are successful in contacting Mr Musk even though we were not. A word of caution, in the end, you might be die-hard fans but do not stalk any person and respect their boundaries. Keep trying to contact him through official channels. He is a busy man and might not respond but wait patiently.

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