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What to do if your parcel is ‘En route to DHL eCommerce Distribution Center?’

DHL eCommerce


What to do if your parcel is ‘En route to DHL eCommerce Distribution Center?’

Are you receiving a message that says “En route to DHL eCommerce Distribution Center” and are not sure what it means?

What do I do now?” “How do I tackle this situation? “What does it exactly mean?” are some questions that might pop into your head when trying to figure out what is happening. Do not worry, dear friend; you have reached the right place, and we will help you understand what exactly it means and how to go about it.

Let us dive deep into it.

Reasons for the message “En route to DHL eCommerce Distribution Center.”

There can be two reasons for this message to come:

  • Your package is probably awaiting pick up by DHL eCommerce, and your package is waiting to get scanned.

Now, let us understand what they mean and how to deal with these two situations.

I. Your package is probably awaiting pick up by DHL eCommerce.

The message comes by default in this situation. This is so because the company or the fulfilment center that packed your order has to first palletise it or put the package in a DHL trailer. This happens when the order is shipped with DHL eCommerce.

So, in this situation, the tracking system should get updated in a span of a few days. If this goes on for longer and the days get extended, you must contact the shipper.

II. Your package is waiting to get scanned.

In a DHL eCommerce facility, it may take up some time for your package to get scanned since they deal with a plethora of packages every day. Some packages are not scanned on the same day and might get scanned the next day. Once it gets scanned, your parcel shall be sent to a post office or near your zip code. At this stage, they give it to USPS, which stands for the United States Postal Service.

So, you must wait for at least three business days in this situation. It might these many days since it is a mail consolidator and deal in processing the packages. In case your shipment status hasn’t changed in these three days, we advise you to contact customer service. They are available every day except the weekends.

What you should know?

You need to understand that it may take time for a new event to be displayed to you. It does not necessarily mean that your package is stuck. Remember that your package is often still on the move, even if the status does not change.

In certain situations, the tracking events are limited. This might happen because of no tracking events in the destination and the status may take some time to change.

DHL eCommerce

Tracking International Shipments with DHL eCommerce

Here are the steps for it:

  • Get the DHL tracking number for your package(s) – they start with two letters like RV, LX, etc, followed by some digits. They are usually 10-39 characters long.
  • Track the shipment on the DHL eCommerce tracking page.
  • Enter the tracking number of your shipment. – You shall receive the tracking number for the local postal service after you enter the tracking number of your order.

DHL Tracking Statuses: What do they mean?

En route to DHL eCommerce Distribution CenterDefault status. The DHL eCommerce needs to collect your package(s) from the company.
In Transit or In ProgressThe package is on its way.
DHL Shipment on HoldDelayed due to some inconvenience and won’t take more than a week.
RedirectedThe package will be redelivered due to some mistake, such as putting the wrong address.
Poste Restante The package is at the post office and the receiver needs to pick it up from there.
Item is Pre-AdvisedThe shipping label is on the package but needs to be received by courier.
Unsuccessful Delivery AttemptProblems with the package delivery.
Arrival ScanThe package has been scanned at the facility.
Returned to SenderThe package got returned due to some issue.
Out for DeliveryThe package will reach the receiver soon.


I. Why is my package stuck at the Distribution Center?

The reasons for it could be:

  • System Tracking Failure
  • Damage to the Package
  • The package got misplaced
  • The package was mislabelled
  • Lost the package

In such situations, it is best to contact customer service.

II. Does DHL eCommerce deliver shipments on weekends?

DHL delivers packages on Saturdays but not on Sundays across the globe. They can deliver it on a Sunday at an extra price in an emergency. You need to make a special request for it.

III. Where is the DHL eCommerce Distribution Center located?

The DHL eCommerce Distribution Center is located in Mableton. It is a 15000 sq foot facility. It has good access to the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. It is a division of Deutsche Post DHL Group.

IV. Can you pick up a package from DHL eCommerce?

Yes, you can. You need to schedule a pick-up by a DHL courier. You need to have your account number, pick-up location contact and pick-up location address.

V. Is DHL eCommerce reliable?

Yes, DHL eCommerce is reliable for shipments. In the United States, we can say that they mainly focus on delivering to people in the local areas within the country. If you want to consider international delivery, the best option would be to opt for DHL Express. They deliver in every nook and cranny of the world.

VI. What is the Customer Service Helpline Number?

  • For the United States: 877-272-1054.
  • For India: 000800-050-1009.
  • For Malaysia: 1 800 888 388.


So, to sum it up, there are two reasons why this is happening. One is your package is probably awaiting pick up by DHL eCommerce and the other reason is your package is waiting to get scanned. For tracking international orders, remember these – Get the DHL tracking number for your package(s), track the shipment on the DHL eCommerce tracking page and enter the tracking number of your shipment.

We hope you can figure out how to tackle DHL eCommerce-related concerns this way.

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