Energy System ESG 5 Shock Gaming Headphones

The Gaming ESG 5 Shock headphones from Energy Sistem are designed for game lovers, as they add to their specific characteristics, compatibility with all types of consoles, connected devices and computers.

They are integrated into the important offer of the brand for this product segment that, as an advantage for the user, is characterized by a good value for money . They are sold for about 50 euros and among their values ​​an omnidirectional microphone stands out to interact with video games and players during games.

Design aspects
The ESG 5 Shock are headband type and integrate a vibration system and led lights, with a matte black finish and dark silver details with the logo of the brand’s gaming section . In the area of ​​the headband you can see a blue pad with black padding for the helmets. Also blue are the device’s LEDs.

The product in use
They are compatible with smartphones and tablets, they also have a 3.5 mm Jack port to which an adapter with two ports for speaker and microphone can be attached, which facilitates connection to the computer. A second connector is a USB to give life to the vibration system and the led lights .

They are not heavy and the cushions fit well, as they can be adjusted in height so that the speakers adapt to the environment of the ear. The material that covers the foam is fabric, which is more resistant than synthetic materials.

They do not have noise cancellation, but stand out for their audio power, which results in optimal performance both in games and listening to music. They have a built-in remote to control the sound, which can also be adjusted by means of two buttons for vibration and the microphone.

The microphone arm (omnidirectional) has good mobility, is flexible and easy to handle.

Gaming headphones with integrated vibration and blue led lights. Its adjustable headband and breathable ear cushions are designed for long gaming sessions, the omnidirectional Boom Mic lets you communicate seamlessly.

Light design on the outside that illuminates the headphones when they are connected, to create a gaming environment.

Sound Vibration technology produces powerful vibrating effects on the earbuds, enhancing the gaming experience.

Technical characteristics
Over-ear headphones with adjustable headband.

Omnidirectional boom mic.

Sound vibration technology.

Design with blue Led light. Stand out in and out of the game.

Breathable pads.

Compatible with Switch, Smartphones, Ps4, Xbox One and PC.

Frequency response: 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz

Driver diameter: 50mm

Neodymium magnet

SPL: 107 ± 3 dB

Maximum power: 20mW

Design: closed circumaural

Type: dynamic

Impedance: 32 Ohm

THD <1% Vibration technology Sound Vibration Connector: 3.5mm Jack Volume, microphone, lighting and vibration control. Flexible boom microphone. Sensitivity: -38 dB ± 3 dB (@ 1 kHz). Frequency range: 50 Hz ~ 10 kHz.

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