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Airtel: How to Convert eSIM to Physical Sim in India?


Airtel: How to Convert eSIM to Physical Sim in India?

Are you wondering if you can convert your eSIM to a physical sim with airtel? Do not worry; we have got you covered. This article will discuss how one can do so with their airtel sims. We have detailed steps, so you don’t have to look for answers anywhere. We will also answer some crucial questions that many users have.

Let’s dive right into it.

How to Convert an Airtel eSIM to a Physical Sim in India?

Here is a thorough guide for converting your eSIM to a physical sim:

I. Locate an Airtel store near your locality

The initial step is to go to any nearest Airtel store with your valid identity proof. Your Aadhar card is the most needed; otherwise, you can carry your

  • Driving license
  • Pan card
  • Passport 
  • Voter ID card
  • Address Proof

Then, get in touch with an Airtel executive and explain why you want to change the eSIM to a physical one.

II. Confirmation of Documentation

The Airtel representative will record all the details and documentation you have given with your registered number. After the document verification, you will receive a physical sim card with the same electronic sim number when the Airtel executive has confirmed all the information and supporting documentation.

III. Time for Conversion

After the necessities are fulfilled, put the new one on your cellular device. It can take up to 4 to 6 hours to convert an electronic sim to a physical sim, but during that time, SMS service does not function for around 24 hours.

IV. Free of Cost

There is no charge for transferring an Airtel e sim to a Physical Sim. You can visit any nearby Airtel store for this procedure, as it is free of cost.



I. Can the airtel eSIM to physical sim conversion happen online?

No, you cannot get this done online because you need a physical sim from the airtel store. You can only get it from there.

II. Can I put an eSIM and a physical sim in one mobile phone?

Yes, the two can be used simultaneously, provided your phone has a dual sim feature. Contact an airtel store for more details.

III. What is the disadvantages of having an eSIM?

  • Your eSIM profile must be retrieved and downloaded from the cloud, which takes much longer to complete.
  • Additionally, when you upgrade, it takes longer than it would transfer into a new device.
  • Network providers can more easily trace users.
  • Since hackers sometimes go to tremendous efforts to breach into weak mobile carriers’ networks to collect user accounts or information, they are not entirely protected from fraud.

IV. What happens if I accidentally delete my Airtel eSIM?

If you unintentionally erased your previous eSIM profile, you can obtain a new one through the service provider, airtel.

V. Will physical SIM stop working after eSIM activation?

After te activation of your eSIM, te physical one will still continue to work.

Final Takeaway

So, to sum up, converting an eSIM to a physical one is not hard. Airtel has great services and their representatives make things smooth for their customers.

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