How to Convert E-sim to Physical Sim in Airtel in India?

There were essentially two systems for mobile communication GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) and CDMA (Code-Division Multiple Access). GSM mobile phones came with a SIM card slots in which you can use any network and number of your choice. In the case of CDMA mobile phones, the phone is already linked with a network number, so there isn’t any requirement for a sim card. A third new mode is taking over these two models, which is known as E-sim Technology. An E-sim (Embedded Subscriber Identity Module) is an Embedded SIM which is an electronic sim. It is also known as a virtual sim and its use nullifies the requirement of any physical sim.

An E-sim has numerous advantages but the biggest drawback currently is that very limited mobile phones support this new technology of E-sim. Thus, you may face an issue on changing your phone and may require a physical sim once again. Let us explore how to convert esim to physical sim for airtel network users.

Airtel E-SIM

Being the first network operator to introduce E-Sim Technology in India, Airtel has set the bar high for other network operators. E Sim is a programmable sim that is directly embedded in the latest Smartphones circuit board. E Sim is not only for smartphones but can be used in tablets, cars, computers, smart gadgets, and much more.

How to Convert E-Sim to Physical Sim

As convenient and innovative as an E-Sim is, the problem arises when you want to change your phone and not your number, or your phone might stop working and you need to switch to a basic smartphone.

Lets check the conversion of airtel esim to physical sim process.

Procedure– via Airtel store visit

  • The first and foremost step is to visit a nearby Airtel store or outlet with your Valid Id Proof.
  • After stating your reasons to the executive present, they will take down all the information regarding your registered number.
  • After verifying all the documentation, they will provide you with your E-Sim Number’s duplicate physical sim card.

Time Taken

The procedure of converting an Airtel E-Sim to a Physical sim takes approximately 4-6 hours, but the SMS service gets blocked for 24 hours.

Charges for conversion of Airtel esim to physical sim

The transfer from an Airtel E Sim to Physical Sim is not chargeable. The procedure is free of cost.


Valid Id Proof and Address Proof are required, including Aadhar card, Voter Id Card, etc. Aadhar Card is the preferred Id Proof and Address Proof at most outlets.

Online Service

This process cannot be done online; the person has to visit the nearest Airtel service outlet.

Hope, this will help you out in easily changing your airtel e-sim to physical sim for future usage. Check the devices which support airtel e-sim to ensure that when you switch phones you are aware whether your phone is e-sim supported or not. This will save you from the hassle of continuously switching between e-sim and physical sim.

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