Famous 1 & 2 minute speeches of all time

Words are something that can move a nation, break a heart or even make someone’s day. Speeches have been used from the beginning of time to motivate crowds and nations across the world not just to achieve individual interests but also collective interest. For example, Martin Luther King’s famous speech “I have a dream” played a big role in moving people into the civil rights movement. Similarly, Hitlers’ speeches were crafted in such a way that it was able to get people to eliminate the Jews in his nation, even if they were against such a practice.

Most speeches, like the above-mentioned ones, were long, the speakers had ample time to justify their words and pull people toward themselves, which was probably why they were successful. However, it is not always a long speech that is able to charm people. Very often people have been attracted to short speeches, and by short speeches, I mean speeches of just a minute or two. Here are three famous 1 & 2-minute speeches of all time.

Here are the most famous 1&2 minute speeches of all time

1. Never Give up, Claim your dream..

This was a famous two-minute acceptance speech by Denzel Washington in 2017. You might know Denzel Washington as an actor in some of the world’s most inspirational movies. Washington won an Image award for ‘Outstanding Actor in a motion picture’. His speech really inspires one to keep going and never give up.

The best part of his speech was that it was short and yet motivated not just the people present at the function but continues to inspire people today. His acceptance speech was uploaded on Youtube on a channel called Max and this video has over 4 million views. Click HERE to watch this inspirational speech.

2. Some failure in life is inevitable…..

This was a commencement speech by J.K. Rowling, one of the world’s most renowned authors, and a name every household today knows. Rowling gave this speech at Harvard and spoke about her failures and how they brought her to the place she is today. She talks about how failures are significant in making a person who they are and how we should never give up so easily.

She talks about so much yet in such little time. Click HERE to watch this speech.

3.You can be anything you dream, Dream.

This is one of the shortest yet most inspiring speeches you will find on the internet today by Alexa Rose Carlin. She talks about how the world needs more of “you“. You will find this video on Youtube, on her channel, with over 67000 views. It is short yet sends a strong message.

Although she might not be a Martin Luther King, her speech is definitely one that touches your heart and gets you going. Click HERE to watch this 1-minute speech.

So what do all these famous 1 & 2-minute speeches of all time teach us? Well apart from the content that the speakers referred to, what we also learned here is that you can reach out to people even with fewer words and lesser time.

If you are someone looking for inspiration to write speeches these are definitely some speeches you can use to reach your audience in a short amount of time. If you are looking for motivational speeches for a younger audience, especially for students check out THIS link to be inspired.

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