Famous 5 Minute Speeches

Giving a speech is seen as a move of power. The motive behind it is to persuade and inspire your audience. In the process of writing a long speech, you can cover many elaborative points, but while writing a short speech, your motive and the ideas behind it should be to the end and precise. Effective speeches can be delivered even in 1 to 2 minutes.

There are a lot of examples of 5-minute speeches given by various famous people who proved that it’s not always about the number of words but the quality of chosen words that matters. Let’s look at some examples of famous 5-minute speeches.

1. Abraham Lincoln

One of the most famous speeches, also known as the Gettysburg speech, was delivered under 5 minutes by the U.S President in 1863, Abraham Lincoln. The Gettysburg Speech or The Address to Gettysburg was given in respect of The Soldier’s National Cemetery for the sacrifices made in Gettysburg. Lincoln’s speech captured the hurt and devastation suffered by the nation in such a precise manner that every individual felt the pain and suffering of the soldiers with all of their heart.

 2. Winston Churchill

When Winston Churchill became a Prime Minister in 1940, he gave a brief and historic statement addressing the House of Commons regarding his ideas. The title given to this speech was “we shall fight on the beaches.” In just 5 minutes, Churchill’s bold and notable speech described the tremendous military disaster of the Battle of Dunkirk and warned of a possible invasion by the Nazi Army.

 3. Martin Luther King

When it comes to famous speeches, one cannot leave behind the name of the person who empowered a generation and beyond, Martin Luther King. One of the most famous speeches in the history of short yet impactful speeches was delivered by Martin Luther King. It is known as the “I Have A Dream Speech.” It was given in the year 1963 during the march on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. This speech played a considerable role in the civil rights movement and went down in history as the most remarkable speech in American history.

 4. Jawaharlal Nehru

On the eve of India’s Independence in 1947, the first Prime Minister of Independent India gave the famous speech “Tryst with Destiny.” It is one of the greatest speeches given by Nehru, which sheds light upon the history of India. It is the essence of the Indian triumph over British colonization.

5. Steve Jobs

One of the most compelling and inspiring speeches was given by the world-renowned philanthropist Steve Jobs. It’s a speech that is looked up upon by the youth of this world for inspiration and leadership. Jobs gave this speech at Stanford in 2005. Even if Jobs was a dropout himself, he didn’t fail to spark the inspiration of Stanford’s Graduates. His lasts words of the address were “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish,” which are still quoted in many conversations remembering the empowerment Jobs reflected.

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These famous words of wisdom are still echoed in the ears of people who want to find leadership, empowerment, and inspiration to reach above and beyond.

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