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How to find out your Netflix password when logged in?



How to find out your Netflix password when logged in?

One of the most liked OTT platforms, Netflix offers a wide array of movies and TV shows you can watch for as long as you want. That is the reason why many users choose to subscribe to this streaming service.

Many people often have a question: What if they want to log in to their Netflix account from another device but can’t as they don’t remember the password? Hence, in this post, we will guide you on “HOW TO FIND OUT YOUR NETFLIX PASSWORD WHEN LOGGED IN?”

How to find out your Netflix password when logged in?

Netflix does not offer the feature of viewing the password from the settings of the website or application. Also, the video streaming platform does not permit users to see their passwords when they are logged in. 

One way through which you can find out your Netflix password is by checking the cache memory of your phone or PC. But this hack is only possible if you have logged in to your Netflix account through that device earlier.

You can quickly recover your Netflix password by changing your password.

Methods to Change or Reset your password:

If you don’t remember your password and are unable to log in, you can choose to change or reset your password. There are 2 ways by which you can do the same, i.e., by email or a text message.

Follow the below steps to reset or change your password:

Reset Password via email-

  • Go to
  • Click on Email
  • Type your email address in the text box and click on “email me”
  • You will receive a mail that will contain a link through which you can change the password. Then you will need to enter a new password, but it shouldn’t be the same as the previous one.

Note: The link expires after 24 hours. So if you are unable to reset the password within that time, you can repeat the above steps to change the password.

Reset Password via text message-

  • Go to
  • Click on Text Message
  • Enter the phone number using which you registered on Netflix
  • Type the verification code that you have received via SMS.

Note: The verification code expires after 20 minutes.

In case you didn’t register with your phone number, you can reset the password via email. Once you are done changing your password, you can add your mobile number by going to your “account page” and choosing “add the phone number.”

We hope now you have an understanding of “how to find out your Netflix password when logged in?”

About Netflix-

Netflix is a membership-based streaming service that lets its users view Original shows and films on any smart device without ads.

One can also view TV series and movies without internet access by downloading them to their iOS, Android, or Windows 10 devices.

The platform’s content differs by area and is subject to change. Renowned Netflix Originals, TV programs, movies, dramas, and much more are available to stream.

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