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Is Food Expensive In Aruba?



Is Food Expensive In Aruba?

The white sand beaches of South America’s Aruba are an underrated spot for vacays. The turquoise ocean invites people across the globe and ensconces them in its serenity. Great vacation spots are also great places to discover new cuisine; speaking of which, is the food expensive in Aruba? The answer lies in this article.

Let’s dive into it!

Is Food Expensive In Aruba?

The location of the islands and imports makes it an expensive place. So, yes, the food and beverages on this Caribbean island are slightly expensive.

Here is an idea you can get of the food expenses:

Affordable Restaurant8.00-15.00 USD
Mid-Range Restaurant Serving 3-course meal45-100 USD 
Draught Beer 2.70-5.00 USD
Imported Beer 4.50-8.45 USD
Coke/Pepsi/Soda1.30-4.00 USD
Water 1.20-2.40 USD
Cappuccino 3.00-5.90 USD
Espresso Coffee2.0-4.10 USD
Fast Food 2.50-2.70 USD

The cost of food in Aruba is on the higher side, although the meal prices vary. The prices for breakfast are usually lower, and the food is more expensive in sit-down restaurants than in street food. There is a difference between prices in restaurants and food in the supermarket.

Cost Of Food At Supermarkets

Type Cost
Daily ingredients (milk, bread, eggs, water)1-3.50 USD
Fruits3-5 USD

Alcohol is more expensive in bars than in supermarkets.

So, the cost of food for one day in Aruba will be about $60 per person.

How To Travel On A Budget?

  • Stay at an affordable hotel that is safe and friendly too. See if Airbnb, hostels, homestays, etc., are available.
  • Choose local street food.
  • Plan your schedule ahead of time and be flexible.
  • Go local. Travel by public transport or walk if possible.
  • Travel in groups so that you can easily divide the money amongst peers.
  • Download a money-tracking app that keeps track of your expenses.

Food Culture At Aruba

Known as the Happiest Island, Aruba offers rich culture and cuisine. Some delicacies you can enjoy are Pastechi, Stobas, Frituras, Sopi de mondongo, Keshi Yena, Funchi, Pan Bati, Pisca Hasa, and Bolo Borracho. The national dish is Keshi Yena, a circular cheese ball stuffed with spiced meat and is either steamed or baked.

You get fresh prawns, lobsters, fish and more right off the coasts and are served fresh with beer at many restaurants here.


So, the prices of food and beverages vary depending on the location and restaurant you eat at. Plan your trip well in advance and do your research well. You can check reviews by people. Above all, have fun!

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