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Is food expensive in Aruba?


Food delicacies are among the top things that would inspire and excite you to explore different countries, cities, and their cuisines and culture. One thing we all look forward to trying when traveling is food, to experience a different culture altogether. But sometimes we stick to the basics because of the budget.

Today we will explore Aruba and its food culture. Is food expensive in Aruba? Are food prices in Aruba high? Well, to some extent, yes, Aruba is expensive, but that should not crush your vibe of experiencing the Arubian cuisine and culture. You can stay on budget and still have an adventure.

Aruba and food culture

Aruba, a Caribbean Island has a rich culture to offer. It is one of the safest Islands in the Caribbean. You can enjoy an year-round sunny weather, white-sand beaches, a friendly environment, and delicious food. It is known as the ‘happiest island.’ It offers a vast food & culture.

Some of the local cuisines you can enjoy eating include Pastechi, Stobas, Frituras, Sopi de mondongo, Keshi Yena, Funchi, Pan Bati, Pisca Hasa, and Bolo Borracho. The national dish of Aruba is Keshi Yena. These are only a few among many others. Your thirst for enjoying different cuisines will be satisfied with experiencing some of these local cuisines of Aruba.

Is food expensive in Aruba?

To some extent, the food is expensive in Aruba. It is because most of the produce, food ingredients, and other goods are imported from other countries. So, this leads to a rise in the expense of food items in Aruba.

It is not just the food, but in general, Aruba is expensive. It is true for many Caribbean Islands. The cost of food for one day in Aruba will be about $60 per person. You can budget it by eating out at local fish and shop at supermarkets for breakfast and lunch. Alcohol is also expensive in bars than in supermarkets.

Cost of food in Aruba?

The cost of food in Aruba is on the higher side. Though the meal prices can vary, the average cost is A97 per day. The prices for breakfast are usually cheaper. The food is expensive in sit-down restaurants than the street food. There is a difference between prices in restaurants and prices of food in the supermarket.

Food prices in Aruba’s local restaurants-

  1. A meal in a cheap restaurant- 15 USD.
  2. Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course – 65 USD
  3. Beer- 3-5USD
  4. Coke- Around 2USD
  5. Small bottle of water- Around 2USD
  6. Coffee- 2-3USD
  7. Cheeseburger- Around 3USD
  8. McMeal at McDonald’s- Around 9USD.

Cost of food in Aruba supermarkets-

  1. Daily ingredients (milk, bread, eggs, water)- 1-3.50 USD
  2. Beer- 2-4 USD
  3. Fruits- 3-5 USD.

The prices can vary. There are many local restaurants and many fancy restaurants. You can pick your place according to the cuisine you want to try and according to your budget. To enjoy local cuisines, and still stay on a budget, you can eat at local restaurants, and experience fancy ones once in a while.

So, even though food in Aruba is expensive, there is a way to still enjoy your vacation and stay in budget. Know more about other countries around the globe and read some interesting facts about Ireland.

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